The Federation of Professional Craftsmen and Merchants of Magnesia in collaboration with the KEK of the General Confederation of Professionals of Craft Traders in Greece, Thessaly Branch implements EFET training programs and training programs for employers, workers on the tasks of performing the duties of safety technicians B and C category.

Specifically, KEK of the General Confederation of Professionals of Craft Traders in Greece, Annex of Thessaly (KEK GSEVEE, Certification Code 11111075) accepts applications for the implementation of:

Training program for staff of food businesses in the “Basic principles of food hygiene and safety” in accordance with the Ministerial Decision 14708 / 10-08-2007. The terms and procedures for the implementation of the program as well as the examination procedure for the issuance of a certificate of successful follow-up by the RFCT. Is set out in a circular issued by the Single Food Authority (EFET). After the completion of the seminar, the company’s compliance with the existing legislation is achieved, on the one hand, and on the other, the improvement of the quality of the services provided.
Employers ‘, workers’ work safety training programs B ‘and C’ class. After training, participants can assume Technical Security duties in their business and do not need to outsource Safety Officer tasks or contract with External Protection and Prevention Services.
For more information, please contact KEK GSEVEE Annex of Thessaly, tel. 2410 579876/77, fax: 2410 579878, e-mail: &

With OEBEM, tel. – fax: 24210 32780, e-mail: