Wednesday 31 May the Hellenic Sign Symposium

The joint organization of the symposium on “The Value and Dynamics of the Hellenic Sign in the Development of the Economy” officially announced at a press conference the President of the Athens Chamber of Crafts, Pavlos Ravanis and the President of the Greek Academy of Marketing (ELAM), Georgios Avlonitis.

The forthcoming symposium will take place on Wednesday 31st May 2017 at 09:30 am in the amphitheater of the Eugenides Foundation (Syngrou 387, P. Faliro) and its purpose is to highlight the developmental dimension of the national origin of a product or service, Diffusion of the institution of the Hellenic Product Sign and the promotion of sectoral development.

In the framework of the symposium, top executives and academics will present and comment on the institutional framework “Made in”, the Hellenic Product Signal, as well as successful strategies for Extraversion, Innovation and Branding.

The value of the Greek brand for the viability of a business, its profitability and its further growth in the international market were mentioned by the speakers during the press conference. In his speech, Chairman of the BEA, Pavlos Ravanis, stressed that the promotion of Greek products and services is a major national target for the Chamber of Craftsmen, noting that “The Greek Product and Services Signal that identifies the Greek added value constitutes For the Greek small and medium-sized businessman his last embankment. ”

Mr. Ravanis added that “the purpose of the trademark is to consolidate consumer confidence in Greek products, avoid tampering, protect the producers’ interests against counterfeiting and unfair competition, and strengthen the competitiveness of Greek companies “. He reminded that the Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with the aim of defending business interests, has since May 2016 developed various initiatives for the extension of Hellenic Marking Regulations in the clothing, footwear, furniture and games industries.

Georgios Avlonitis, chairman of the Greek Marketing Society, emphasized the value of producing and distributing branded products and stressed that “we need a new productive and developmental model of extroversion that responds to the modern challenges of product and service delivery, based on Quality, innovation, diversification, targeted markets, international distribution networks and strong brandnames, taking advantage of our country’s competitive advantages. ”

He also noted that “our priority should be to shift from a low-cost economy to a qualitative and extrovert economy, intertwined with our environment, culture and traditions that will steadily manage our natural resources.” He also stressed that “the lack of strategic extroversion, which deprived Greek products, especially products with PDO, PGI, Biological, etc. From international markets, a lasting relationship of trust with these markets must be overthrown and built. ”

Representatives of state and political leadership, social partners, business associations and consumer organizations, as well as members of the BEA, other chambers, members of the Greek Academy of Marketing, the academic and business community, etc. will be invited to the symposium.

The Symposium is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, while Supporters are the Panhellenic Association of Exporters (SAE), the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece (SEVE), the Hellenic Association of Manufacturing of Branded Products (ΕΣΒΕΠ), our ELLA-OIKAS OUR INITIATIVE “Citizens Movement – We Eat All We Produce” and the Alliance for Greece. Sponsor is MEGA Atomic Hygiene Products SA