IME GSEVEE – SEN: Official launch of Early Warning Europe program

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, at AEGI ZAPPIOU, the official launch of the project, called “European Network for Early Warning and Support for Enterprises and Second Starters”, will be launched in Greece through the European COSME Program until December 2019.

Sponsors of the event are the Athenian – Macedonian News Agency and the Naftemporiki newspaper, and the Web Sponsor of the site.

To apply to participate please click here or contact us by calling 2103816600 (IMO 303) (IME GSEVEE) or 210 3380206 (ESA), by Tuesday 16/5/2017.

The purpose of the Network is:

(A) Establish appropriate methodology and appropriate tools for risk rating and early warning of firms in crisis. In this context, it will propose policies and proposals – recommendations at national and EU level levels to address the problem of businesses in crisis.

B) At the same time, a pilot application will be implemented to support approximately 700 enterprises in Greece, which can be included in the above interest group.

Feedback from this pilot application will be the raw material for making recommendations and policies.

The Pan-European Networks participating in the program (funded directly by the EU) are 15, shared in 7 countries (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Greece) and are both public and private. Greece is a member of IME GSEVEE as national coordinator and the Athens Chamber of Commerce.