Striking Mobilization Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Board of Directors Of OEBEM invites its Associations and its Professional Members to participate in a massive collaborative strike mobilization that will take place in Volos on Wednesday, May 17, at 10:00 at Eleftherias Square. The mobilization is being carried out in cooperation with the Volos Labor Center and the ADEDY Prefectural Division, and have launched a strike for this particular day.

We are demonstrating against the continuation of the memorandum policy and the political mockery of SYRIZANEL co-operating tradesmen and craftsmen.

After eight years of memorials that have brought society and our businesses to the brink of a cliff, we refuse to continue to be the victims of False and Camden’s fake election promises.

The new Memorandum, with unbearable and degrading measures for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, is not going to yield, because it has now exhausted the tax-insurance capacity of the companies and leads to bankruptcy and the latest healthy businesses. The wild tax evasion of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, along with wage and pension cuts, increases in insurance contributions, dismantling the health system, education, and worsening conditions for private employment can not be effective.

We ask the government to change economic logic and work out a country’s economic reconstruction plan, relying on structural changes in substance (not Sunday’s opening). Growth can only come with real changes in economic and productive terms and support for the small and medium-sized commercial – craft and business units that formed and form the backbone of the Greek economy. That’s why we say:

Yes to POS connected to a 100% bad account
Reducing tax rates for natural and legal persons
Rationalization of insurance contributions according to income criteria of enterprises and individuals
Out-of-court settlement in genuinely extrajudicial terms
We say YES to a fixed investment system
We say NO to the sale of public property
We say NO to the opening of Sundays
We call all voliants and volunteers in the joint strike mobilization at Eleftherias Square on Wednesday, May 17 at 10.00. We do not deserve the future they have prepared for us. We will not allow it to be imposed upon us.