Meeting Monday, May 15, 2017 And with the Presidents of the 32 active Societies represented in OEBEM’s power, on the subject: The latest measures agreed by the Government in cooperation with the institutions. Following a briefing by the President of the Federation Mr. Plastra Tryfon and the discussion of the new data that these measures will bring, the Board of Directors. Decided to strongly protest against the new measures against small and medium-sized enterprises. Our businesses are on the brink of survival and most of them are ready to close. After 8 years of recession, unemployment, reduction in consumer power, increase in VAT, increase in contributions to IKA, OAEE, increases in DEKO, tax deduction tax, increase in doctors and medicines, reduction of pensions and wages, tradesmen – craftsmen – professionals do not stand anymore. That’s enough. We say:

Yes to POS connected to a 100% bad account
Reducing tax rates for natural and legal persons
Rationalization of insurance contributions according to income criteria of enterprises and individuals
Out-of-court settlement in genuinely extrajudicial terms
We say YES to a fixed investment system
We say NO to the sale of public property
We say NO to the opening of Sundays
In order for our businessmen to survive, to live our families, for a better tomorrow for us and our children, for the future of our homeland. We do not deserve the future they have prepared for us. We will not allow it to be imposed on us.