Press Release OEVEM 23/05/2017

It was anonymous in the press, the view that some unions do not support the initiatives of the President of OEBEM, with regard to the Striking mobilizations and they have issues of reaction on his face. Unfortunately, those who try to create issues within OEBEM are falling out. The overwhelming majority of the Associations (except one) supports the BoD and especially the President, Mr. Plastra Tryfon, and everything that sounds is out of the wrong. Over the past two years, OEBEM has moved unattended and united at all levels and is supported by the overwhelming majority of the Associations, which are also represented in the BoD proportionally. We will continue to unite the effort that we have started to reach OEBEM where it really deserves and should be at the top of the local and Pan-Hellenic Trade Union Movement. We continue to work together for this purpose.