1st FORUM of Social Organizations on 30-5-2017

The country is in the last seven years in a whirlpool that seems to lead to a deeper and more painful crisis.

In addition to our self-evident concern for the citizens we represent, ten (10) Social Agents carry out on:

May 30, 2017, at 17.00pm, Tuesday at the TITANIA Hotel

1st FORUM of Social Agencies

It is an effort that unites our concerns and concerns, our thoughts and our proposals, to help them get out of the economic, political and social crisis.

It is beyond any doubt that no Social Group can prosper in its own right. On the contrary, we believe that by combining our concerns and, above all, our voice, we will be able to create a new starting point of expectation.

The Forum is attended by: AGSSE (General Confederation of Pensioners of Greece) – GSEVEE (General Confederation of Professional Craft Traders in Greece) – Athens Bar Association – ESEE (Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship – Athens Chamber of Commerce – Supreme Confederation of Polytechnics Greece – Union of Taxed Hellenic – Panhellenic Medical Association – Panhellenic Federation of Military – POMIDA (Panhellenic Federation of Real Estate Owners)