Press Release OEBEM 31/05/2017

“Cutting turnover and lack of liquidity” came and fell

In the Magnesia media


3rd Survey of Economic Elements of Local Businesses of Magnesia by OEBE.
OEBEM Proposals for the Reconstruction of the Local Economy

The vertical decline in turnover and the continuing strong inability to meet their obligations record for the companies of Magnesia the new – third in a row – survey of the data of the local enterprises, conducted by the Federation of Professional Craftsmen & Retailers of the Prefecture of Magnesia (OEBE .M) along with a strong request to link the POS requirement with the introduction of a blatant account for business professionals.

The survey was carried out with the financial support of the Cooperative Bank of Thessaly and the Magnesia Chamber and covers the January-April 2017 period (note: OEBEM surveys are now carried out on a quarterly basis, quarterly initially).

In the 3rd survey of OEBEM, a sample of 346 companies, out of a total of 1,500 OEBEM member companies (23%), was judged to be highly representative and strong statistics, with 25% from the commercial sector, 18% from the craft industry 57% from the professional.

One of the most alarming findings of the survey, as Mr Ophimos President, Mr Trifonos Plasstas said, is the new turnover reduction recorded by local businesses following the downward trend of the two previous periods. In particular, 65%, ie seven out of 10 enterprises, reported a further decrease in turnover compared with the previous period, while only 20% of the sample and 15% of the stagnation increased. 37% of the sample, more specifically, reported a turnover reduction of up to 20%, while 15% saw a 20% to 40% decline in turnover and a 13% turnover reduction of more than 50%.

At the same time, 64% said it was pessimistic to improve the situation in the next four months, which is clearly better than 86% of the previous measurement, but is due to the upcoming summer tourist season.

It is also characteristic of the continuing highly reluctant psychology of the market, is the negative answer given by the sample companies to the question of whether to proceed with new investments, with 93% responding “No”, compared with 88% in the previous survey. At the same time, only a slight increase is recorded in the extroversion of the productive fabric of the region, with 13% stating that it exports, compared to 9% in the previous survey, but this percentage remains naturally still “embryonic” One in ten enterprises has export activity).

Particular concern also poses with regard to the prospect of entrepreneurship – especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurship – as Mr Plastaras points out that six out of ten enterprises are unable to cope with their obligations to the State, insurance funds, DEKO and so on. And seven out of ten think that they will not be able to meet their obligations in the next four months.

“The viability of the small and medium-sized enterprise – notes the chairman of OEBEM, Mr. Trifonas Platastas, as it will become compulsory within three years to use POS, enforce, enforce, require connection to 100% ACCOUNT PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT. It is estimated that if there is no such prospect, a large number of companies will put a padlock with direct consequences on unemployment, tax and insurance income. This part will also be a question in our next research, as the businesses of the region have already dealt with the matter. ”

With regard to Employment, 77% of the companies in the sample are currently unlikely to recruit more than 90% of the February survey. The improvement is again due, as is clear from the qualitative analysis of the answers, to the beginning of the tourist season, but clearly does not reflect the strong tourist dynamics of the region. 80% of those who declare that they will recruit once in partial and not full-time employment. However, 87% said they would not make redundancies, compared with 64% in the previous survey.



(A) As regards taxation issues, proposals from the companies involved in the survey are:

-Connect with 100% RETAIL PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT. It is estimated that if there is no such prospect, a large number of companies will put a padlock with direct consequences on unemployment, tax and insurance income. This piece will be a question in our next research

– Reduction of tax rates for natural and legal persons

– Out-of-court settlement with truly out-of-court terms, without bureaucracy and quick results

– Resumption of 120 installments for debts to the public and banks according to income criteria of natural and legal persons, as the case may be

– Streamline bank supplies to European standards

– It is estimated that the opening of Sundays will be a heavy blow to small and medium-sized enterprises in the region


B) For the Insurance Company, respectively, the proposals of the Magnesian enterprises are:

-Reduction of insurance contributions according to income criteria of enterprises and individuals

-Return of 120 installments by freezing past debts

-Traditional and long-term insurance system

-The portion of health contributions should not be calculated as a percentage, but it should be stable and the same for everyone

-Haircutting 5% on OAED


C) For the gradual Reconstruction of the site, as OEBEM President points out, OEBEM’s position is that there is a need to target areas that include both uniqueness and export profile:

-Support for the development of the tourism sector – The development of “Dipole: Airport-Port” should be supported. There is a need for a new vision for the uses and optimum use of the Port, which will be tilted towards its Tourist development and in fact towards the most serious support of the Cruise.

And, of course, the phases of implementation of these must be finalized in conjunction with the development of Anhialos Airport, since it is considered that the airport of N. Anchialos is the most important factor for the development of the Port of Volos at HomePort for the cruise, which Will “resurrect” the city further, due to the hotel development that will impose it and other cruise ship catering services.

At the same time, a synergistic operation of the waterway will give another dimension to the tourist activity that serves the cruise and we should not forget the support of the opening of a new Volos – Cyprus – Israel line that will highlight the sea tourism of Volos Port for Foreigners and locals.

The aforementioned considerations, added by the Chairman of OEBEM, should be discussed in the framework of a decision-making event, with the support of all the Bodies of the region, inviting the relevant actors and scientists to submit their proposals to Mentioned object.