Speech by President GSEVEE Mr. G. Kavvatas at the 1st Forum of Social Agencies

The President of GSEVEE, Mr. G. Kavathas, participated and spoke at the 1st Social Forum held on 30 May 2017 at TITANIA Hotel.

The President of GSEVEE, after congratulating the leadership of the Supreme General Confederation of Pensioners of Greece on the initiative, expressed the hope that the event would be the starting point for a substantial fermentation in public affairs, which would gradually lead to the necessary institutional political and social transformations, To move the country into a new era of growth and self-sufficiency. “I am not talking about autonomy and sufficiency,” said Kavathas, “because at times like today with international complexity and globalization, it is futile to look for solutions from the past, being enclosed in one of our own worlds. With the current initiative of unity, we give the example to political parties, the living society, all the productive bodies to create the conditions, with a sense of national responsibility and social sensitivity, for a new model of dialogue and consultation on the real problems of the country, A new search solution model. It is obviously not the purpose of transforming this action into a new political body, nor the abolition of our trade union independence. Nor do we declare that we have the solutions for every issue and problem that concerns the country. On the contrary, the aim of this event is to set the framework and the priorities to move in a coordinated and unified way, shaping the conditions of social and productive reconstruction in the post-memorandum Greece (when this happens and we wish it to be as soon as possible) “.

The President of GSEVEE pointed out that “Greek society and economy are once again trapped in the Sympligadas stones of a continuous negotiation with the creditors, a negotiation that, every time, regardless of the ruling parties, burden the living conditions of Greek citizens, devaluates The Greek companies, weakens the production base. Based on official data and on the basis of what we experience daily, there is no such thing as a world-wide phenomenon in a time of peace that has made such great sacrifices from the citizens and the productive fabric of a country. GDP fell by 27%, while in Syria by 23%. Enterprises fell by 25%, social protection was downgraded, the unemployed increased. ”

“Everybody has experienced both at the grassroots level and at the level of consultation with international institutions and creditors, deep distrust and disappointment of society for the future and the solutions that have been imposed,” the President of GSEVEE said. “The crisis did not arise on its own,” he said, continuing, “but the effects of the policies pursued have widened the problems to a superlative degree. Both civilian personnel and social actors failed to give solutions, we did not manage to hear, we failed to define as our declaration states our own framework – our own green lines – for the reconstruction of the country. Of course, in the course of things the social partners have de facto been devalued, either at the level of regulation (eg collective bargaining), or at the level of consultation (OECD toolbox, bills introduced as urgent). International institutions, lobbies have virtually replaced all the functions of the social partners and parliamentary groups, while at the same time shrinking time and decision-making processes. As a result of this development, there was less democracy, sloppy decision-making and emphatically transparent. Endless consultations without ever taking into account what the vast majority of social partners have tabled. This substitution process has led civilian personnel to rapid disintegration and redistribution processes and the citizens in resignation from trade union and collective action. It is clear that this course of things, we have a duty to reverse, despite the considerable degree of marginalization of the political system and the trade union movement. ”

Finally, Mr. Kavathas stressed that “the purpose of our initiative is both symbolic and real: on the one hand, we will give a model of political and social behavior, on the other hand we will be prepared to propose and assert tangible policies. It is our duty to intervene in the public debate, to create conditions for the political system, the collective expression of society, the citizens, the new generation. ”

The Forum was attended by: AGSSE (General Confederation of Greek Pensioners) – GSEVEE (General Confederation of Professional Craft Traders in Greece) – Athens Bar Association – ESEE (Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship – Athens Chamber of Commerce – Supreme Confederation of Polytechnics Of Greece – Union of Taxed Hellenic – Panhellenic Medical Association – Panhellenic Federation of Military – POMIDA (Panhellenic Federation of Real Estate Owners).