Presentation of research findings of the Legal Department “International Trade and Small and Medium Enterprises” 2016-2017

The presentation of the results of the “Law Law Clinic” research in the international trade law for the year 2016-2017 took place on Wednesday, June 14, at the main building of the University of Athens. This workshop is being held for the 2nd year with the participation of academic groups of students from the Department of Legal and Scientific Social Workers. The scientific supervision and the editing of this particular was organized by the Athens PIL of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, headed by Mr. Anastasios Gourgourinis, Lecturer of the Law Department in collaboration with FSE GSEVEE, BSE, Greenpeace and WWF Hellas.

The themes developed this year on facilitating and encouraging the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and addressing distortions in international trade were 1) the aspects of the new CETA (Europe Trade Agreement); 2) the implications and legal implications of the Russian embargo on European Agricultural products and 3) trade defense instruments for Greek small and medium-sized enterprises.

* Under the Trade Law Clinic, undergraduate students from the Law School of Athens undertake to carry out scientific studies (informative, advisory and ad hoc) on specific themes of common interest, in cooperation with bodies and civil society, under academic supervision and supervision. The purpose of the Trade Law Clinic is to place the theory of international trade law in practice so that the research produced takes into account real social needs and concerns.

In this regard, scientific research is carried out by the students participating in the Law School of Athens, while the collaborating institutions carry out (in depth for one academic year) a series of regular meetings with them in order to provide them with the necessary information and reflections and to direct them towards The practical research questions.