On Monday, 10/7/2017, a working meeting was held at the offices of the Association of Industries of Thessaly & Central Greece, between the representatives of the Federation of Professional Craftsmen & Merchants of Magnesia (OEBEM) and the Association of Industries of Thessaly & Central Greece.
On behalf of OEBEM, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Tryfon Plastaras, the General Secretary of the BoD participated in the meeting. Mrs. D. Kanavitsas, the Public Relations Commissioner Mr. Athos Moschos, the Innovation Director and Mr. I. Grigoriou, and the Scientific Associate Mr. I. Flitris, while the Chairman of the Board of Directors was represented by the Secretary General. Ms. El. Mrs. Koliopoulou and the General Manager Mrs. Fra. Daglaridou.
In a particularly warm and constructive atmosphere during the meeting, issues of business interest, activities and positions of the two organizations were discussed, issues related to the business environment of business operation, the need to upgrade the infrastructure of the region, There was talk about the course of the Citizens Movement Initiative. We are consuming what we produce, “in which the Association also participates.
The exchange of views was concluded by the affirmative commitment of the two institutions to the creation of a permanent communication channel on issues of common interest for the benefit of businesses and the local economy.