The National Institute of Labor and Human Resources (NIEDR) calls on new unemployed people born between 27/11/1985 and 26/11/2000 who are outside employment, education and training to apply for participation in a subsidized project title:

“Actions related to redundancies by the company under the name” SUPER MARKET LARISA SA ”

Which will be implemented in the regions of Thessaly and Central Macedonia under its overall responsibility and with the participation of the following implementing bodies: INE – KEK GSEE, INEMY – KALEE ESEE, IME – KEK GSEVEE, University of Thessaly – ELKE & Development Karditsa

Description – purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to provide support and support to a maximum of 543 young unemployed persons out of employment, education or training, born between 27/11/1985 and 26/11/2000 (aged 15-29 on 26 November 2015, The date on which the application for a financial contribution from the EGF was submitted) so as to upgrade their qualifications and lead them to find a job, as well as to ensure successful professional / entrepreneurial activity through the implementation of the following subsidy Action A: Vocational Guidance, Action B: Training (Continuing Vocational Training and Vocational Training), Energy C: Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Action D: Mobility Subsidy.

Conditions for participation

Candidates must meet the following conditions cumulatively:

Born in the period from 27/11/1985 to 26/11/2000.
Have the status of unemployed (registered with OAED’s Unemployment Registers).
Abstain from training programs during the last six months until the start of the deadline for submitting applications.
Abstain from training / employment programs during the last six months until the start of the deadline for submitting applications.
They are permanent residents in one of the following regional units: a) Karditsa, b) Larissa, c) Magnesia and Sporades, d) Trikala and e) Pieria.
It is noted that per regional unit can be offered the following positions: Karditsa 107, Larissa 190, Magnesia & Sporades 138, Trikala 93, Pieria 15

Application deadlines

The deadline for submitting the online application starts on 7/7/2017 and ends on 21/07/2017 at 14.00. The deadline for sending the application file starts on 7/7/2017 2017 and expires on 21/07/2017.

How to apply

In order to apply, tenderers are invited to follow the following steps:

Please fill in and submit an application form electronically at: Each request automatically receives a protocol number.
Print the application submitted electronically.
To send the printed application signed together with the supporting documents proving the qualifications or qualities invoked by the candidates with their application form by post, by registered letter to A4 file to the National Institute of Labor and Human Resources, IEAA, at: 6-8 K. Palamas, 111 41 Athens, 07/07/2017 to 21/07/2017. Each sealed envelope must bear the words “Application – proof of participation of the beneficiary of the EGF / 2015/011 GR / Supermarket Larissa project”.
More detailed information

For more information, please visit or alternatively contact 2410.537489 / 90, days and hours of contact: Monday-Friday 10 : 00-14: 00, as well as electronically at: