Letter of GSEVEE to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy for damages for the businesses of Ermou

GSEVEE sent a letter to the Minister of Finance, Mr. E. Tsakalotos and the Minister of Economy and Development, Mr. D. Papadimitriou, requesting, in addition to the payment of the expected compensation (activation of Law 3775 / 21.7.2009) Actions necessary to compensate for the damage suffered.

In particular, the letter states:

Mr Minister,

We regret to see that in a very critical period for the recovery of the Greek economy fellow entrepreneurs have been at the center of extreme violence by a group of people, resulting in serious damage to their businesses. GSEVEE, like any elderly citizen, can only express its dissatisfaction with the lack of protection observed during vandalism. In addition to being a fundamental obligation on the part of the State to provide an adequate level of security for all citizens and their property, securing such a level is a necessary condition for the recovery of business that has so much been wounded in recent years, Of Athens which is also a tourist destination.

Given the financial difficulties still faced by small and micro enterprises, we believe that in addition to the payment of the allowances foreseen (activation of Law 3775 / 21.7.2009), it is necessary to undertake immediately the actions required for Compensation for the damage suffered.