Meeting of the GSEVEE with the former Minister and Democratic Partnership MP Yannis Maniatis

A meeting with the former Minister, a Democrat co-deputy MP and a candidate for the presidency of the newly established Central Left Party, Mr. Yannis Maniatis, was held by the President of GSEVEE, Mr. George Kavathas. The President of GSEVEE briefed Mr. Giannis Maniatis on the results of the survey conducted by FSEEF’s FMI and discussed the issues that concern small and medium-sized enterprises. Mr. Yannis Maniatis stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises should be supported in every possible way in order to create sustainable jobs. For his part, Mr. George Kavathas stressed that the structural problems of the Greek economy should be solved and that there should be a national consensus on the big and serious issues of the domestic market, such as the reduction of taxation, the simplification of the licensing procedures for enterprises, the more efficient functioning of the state and of justice, the strengthening of clusters, etc.