Meeting of GSEVEE with the President of PASOK and DISY Head, Fofi Gennimata

At the offices of Khar. Trikoupi held a meeting of the Social Partners’ Administrations with the PASOK President and the Head of the Democratic Compensation, on Wednesday 6 September. Fofi Gennimata, with the aim of presenting the positions of the organizations in view of the TIF and the promotion of the “project Greece” program elaborated by the Democratic Compatriation.

The President of GSEVEE Mr. G. Kavathas presented the findings of the recent six-month study of the economic climate of FHWG and analyzed the strategic areas to which economic policy should focus in the following period:

  1. resolving the girdle of over-indebtedness and effectively implementing the out-of-court private debt management mechanism,
  2. reduction of over-taxation and insurance charges,
  3. promotion of modern financing institutions and tools to improve liquidity and the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development dividend (development bank, microfinance, cooperative schemes),
  4. expanding electronic transactions and institutionalizing a bizarre business account,

The President of GSEVEE invited the Democratic Compatriation and the President Mrs. Gennady supports GSEVEE’s proposals that represent 99.6% of enterprises in the country, both in the form of a medium to long-term strategy for the country’s productive reconstruction, as well as in the policy-specific strand of support for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.