Meeting of the President of GSEVEE, Mr. G. Kavvatha with the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Ms. Kollia – Tsaroucha

In the framework of the annual participation of GSEVEE and IME GSEVEE at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, the President of GSEVEE met with the Deputy Minister of the Interior (Macedonia-Thrace) Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha, discussing the course of the economy and boosting entrepreneurship in Northern Greece. The Chairman of the GSEVEE handed over to the Undersecretary of State the six-month research of the economic climate of FSE GSEVEE, pointed out the improvement of the economic indicators and the need for immediate measures to stabilize the economy. It underlined the importance of taking concrete initiatives to stimulate investment and employment in Macedonia and Thrace as well as to promote appropriate structural changes in the productive model for the benefit of local businesses. He also mentioned that FIE GSEVEE is taking an initiative to develop a study of the existing situation of enterprises and to submit a comprehensive set of proposals on the problems faced by small businesses in Northern Greece due to cross-border trafficking and unfair competition as well as the transfer of business to neighboring countries.

The Minister, Ms. Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha pledged to broaden the framework for cooperation with the country’s social partners and producers while stressing that GSEVEE’s role is central to promoting the positions of small and medium-sized enterprises.