The aims of this organization are to claim, preserve, study and promote the economic, social and professional interests of its members in the context of serving the community as a whole. In particular, the Federation aims:
1. To cultivate, assist, develop and disseminate the spirit of trade unionism in craft trades professionals by generalizing the participation of all in the primary and tertiary trade unions.
2. The recording and the systematic study of the problems of the branches, for the most appropriate collective claim and their solution.
3. Encouragement and promotion of members’ co-operation, by organizing them in consortia, cooperatives of any economic form, development companies and entities (eg, craft parks) in order to more effectively defend and promote their economic, professional and insurance interests . Establishment of a branch of KEK GESEVEE – Annex of Thessaly, for the training of its members. Helping and assisting them by levying money or other items as well as any other provision.
4. Developing a spirit of solidarity and mutual support among members and ensuring conditions for improving vocational training and increasing their cultural and educational level.
5. The cultivation, exaltation and defense of the universal ideals of freedom, democracy, national independence, social justice and peace.

The Federation of Professionals – Craftsmen – Merchants Magnesia consists of  unions with 1,600 members. It is a branch of KEK GSEBEE. Throughout the course until today, the federation is trying to lead, to provide a single stride for the benefit of small media companies for a planned and planned economic development. The first priority of the Federation was originally -and indeed still is- the support of the local market by increasing productivity and improving quality for competitive products rival the European.


Composition of the Board, as occurred after the commission of the elections of 24/03/2015.

Trifon Plastaras

First Vice President
Vasileios Topas

Second Vice President
Evangelos Lalitsas

General Secretary
Dorothea Kanavitsa

Deputy Secretary
Nikolaos Tsiros

Achilles Pilatos

Deputy Treasurer
George Kleitsas

Superintendent of Public Relations
Athanasios Moschos

Stewards & Innovation Programs
John Fovos, Ioannis Grigoriou

George Gkalios

Audit Committee
John Chatziparasidis (President)
Nikolaos Karastergiou
Gerasimos Markopoulos

Agents in GSEBEE
Vasileios Topas
Trifon Plastaras
Nikolaos Tsiros
Constantine Pelekoudas
Dorothea Kanavitsa