GSEBEE (General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants)

   Craft Metalworking Link Magnesia

   Link Foremen Contractors of Electrical and Maintainers Burners Magnesia

   Association of Jewelers and Watchmakers Volos

   Sesame (Owners Association Car Motorcycle Pref.)

   Owned Funeral Association

   Link intermediaries Insurance Magnesia

 Owners Club Rooms & Hostels Magnesia

   Association of Professional Photographers & Video Magnesia

Association of Professional Tobacconist Magnesia

Craftsmen Association of Hydraulic Thermal Volos

Salesmen Union street markets Apparel Footwear & Household ‘Gordian Knot’ Magnesia

Carpenters & Joiners Association Related Professions Magnesia

Butchers’ Association Volos

Association of Certified Operators Owners Machinery Construction Project Executions Magnesia

Repairers Association Constr/Agricultural Trade Industrial Structures Replacement Machines Magnesia

Association of Traders Sanitary & Tile Magnesia

Tailors Association – Shopkeepers Volos

Association of Employees of Public Schools Canteens Magnesia

Potters Association Ceramists Magnesia

Olive Mill Owners Association Volos

Association of Publishers and Booksellers stationer Magnesia

Owners Association Language Centers Magnesia

Link Shopkeepers barbers hairdressers Magnesia

Confectioners Association Shopkeepers Volos

Glass Association & Mirror Magnesia

Owners Association Cafe – Bar Pubs Catering Magnesia

Association of Freelance municipality Rigas

Club Car Fanovafeon Magnesia

Association of Licensed Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Solar Energy. Magnesia

Tutoring Club Education Middle Magnesia

Laboratories Dental Association Magnesia