TO MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, Deputy Minister. Kouselas Dimitrios

Dear Mr. Minister

We understand that the proposed cabinet to be fixed for enactment after tax on the price of retail cigarette. Your proposal is for the tobacco industry rate of 60.4% for the stand-tobacconist rate of 31.3% for the dealer the operator 8.3%.

We esteemed K. Yfypourge, for a year we try to keep our businesses open, so as not to stay unemployed. Please note, then, that so far in our entire territory closed 1900 kiosks, and also inform you that many colleagues extend their operation in the hope that you will support them. Please note that the total industry numbers 46,000. 50% to 60% of our colleagues have an annual turnover of € 150.000. 30% of our colleagues tzirarei below 100,000 and only 10% of our colleagues have a little sustainability in their business – and this in large urban centers.

The bulk of our total turnover (90%) are tobacco products. Nobody understands that any decision you will have a key role in the survival of peripterouchon-tobacconists. We agree that the proposal of the Ministry, to be institutionalization, is in the right direction, but would prefer a more equitable distribution in terms of percentage of the tobacco industry and peripterouchon-tobacconists. That is, if the tobacco industry from 60.4% down slightly at 50% or 55%, then our industry could have a little hope of survival.

Dear Secretary of State,

The agony of our colleagues across the country is whether we can keep our business open, because our operating costs lead mathematically to extinction. We agree with the aforementioned positions of the Federation Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece (O.P.K.E.) and support a just and definitive solution to end the prolonged agony of all.


The General. Secretary

Constantine IV. Kogias