Heartfelt condolences for the unfair loss of two police officers

VOLOS 02/03/2011
Doc. Ref: 455

To Greek police


The Federation Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece addressed to the families of two victims of Police and the Greek Police heartfelt condolences for the unfair loss of two police officers who lost their lives in ‘Time Service from unscrupulous murderers, protecting the security of citizens and society. This tragic incident shows clearly that police employees give daily uphill battle to protect citizens and the Greek society.

Unfortunately, these two young men have paid with their lives. For this we must not forget our debt to society and pay tribute to those people who make us feel more proud as Greeks and not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the task and the security of us all. For this reason they will attend by the entire local administration O.P.K.E. the funeral service at 12:00 am at the Church of St. Athanasius in Bara Trikala and will lay a wreath.
Sincerely, for the Board

The Chairman: Konstantinos Kogias

The General Secretary: Basil Gkouvina