L.A.E.K. 1-25 2016

No. Ref: 8/25/2016 Volos: 3888


L.A.E.K. 1-25


The FEDERATION OF PROFESSIONAL Crafts & TRADERS MAGNESIA announced that the Employment Agency announced a subsidized employee training programs to small businesses (GG 1868 / Issue B / 27.6.2016).

The funding breakdown by prefecture program, beneficiary institutions, the necessary documents and terms of program implementation, defined in no. 60 258 / 25.07.2016 Circular OAED

The proposals will be made in the Information Management System Training Programs LAEK (http://laek.oaed.gr) from 08/09/2016 to 30/08/2016.

Recipients vectors are Primary-Secondary-Tertiary bodies representing employers and scientific collections.

Beneficiaries workers in enterprises employing up to 25 people, which are paid to all workers the employer’s contribution 0.45% to IKA for the year 2015 and have not made and will not make use of resources LAEK through the training program 0.45% for the year 2016.

The training will last 20-40 hours on subjects of each industry or generally horizontal training (IT, health and safety, quality, etc.) and implemented in accredited VTC of the Prefecture.

Employees participants have the right to participate in one (1) program will be subsidized with EUR 5 for each training time and the allocated monitoring Certificate Program Certified by KEK.

Each applicant (Association, enterprises, workers) for more information can visit the website (http://laek.oaed.gr), or contact the offices of the Federation of professionals, craftsmen & TRADERS MAGNESIA during working days and hours. (Telephone: 24210-32780)