Statement by the President of GSEBEE the presentation of the interim survey of economic sentiment for Small Business IME GSEBEE – February 2017

“The half-yearly survey of GSEBEE (IME GSEBEE) captures the most characteristic way the dire economic position are the rΕΞΑΜΗΝΙΑΙΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΑemaining SMEs, after nine years of deep recession. The delays in the evaluation closing aggravate the situation, leading to a 2 on 5 SMEs to risk being shut down. the sales are in free fall (-17.8%), leading many SMEs to slow to meet their financial obligations (10% increase in debtors Tax & suppliers s). The lack of liquidity and capital leads to suffocation (70.1%). The imposition of new taxes unsustainable, led to increased arrears to the IRS. sounded the alarm on the economic team of the government, stressing that unless restore the proper functioning of the market many more businesses will put a padlock and thousands more workers will lead to unemployment. “