Meeting of the GSEVEE administration with the Minister of the Interior, Mr. P. Skourtetis

Today, a meeting of the General Confederation of Professional Craft Traders in Greece was held in the presence of the President of GSEVEE Giorgos Kavvathas and the Secretary General of GSEVEE Mr. George Kourasis with the Minister of the Interior Mr. Panagiotis Skourletis to discuss the Multi-Draft of the Ministry of the Interior «Arrangements for the modernization of the institutional framework for the organization and operation of Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities (DEYA) – Arrangements for the organization, operation, Economically and the staff of OTA – European Territorial Cooperation Groups and other provisions “.

At the meeting, GSEVEE submitted its proposals for the multiannual plan, in particular Article 53, which deals with the debts arrangements for Local Authorities.

GSEVEE also stressed that it should be included in the regulation that in cases where the Local Authorities have abolished the 2% municipal fee by their decisions and they have withdrawn their decision, the debtors should be “exempt from payment Of the fee for the period between the adoption of the decision and its withdrawal “.

In addition, according to the unfavorable economic conditions prevailing in the framework of the assistance of the professionals of the Sector, a paragraph (amendment of Law 2539/1997) according to which the gross duty for the Entertainment Centers should be set at a percentage 5% upon decision of the relevant City Council.

More specifically:

Article 53

Debt Settlements for Local Authorities First degree

Natural and legal persons’ debts to municipalities and their legal entities, which have been established or not until one (1) month from the date of publication of this law, may be settled and paid at the debtor’s request to the competent authority for recovery Local municipality or its legal person, with exemption from the CCCS Surcharges and interest on late payment and fines for late submission or non-submission or incorrect declaration or non-payment of a fee, as follows:
(A) One-off

(B) from two (2) to one hundred (100) installments, provided that each installment is not less than EUR 20

The installments are monthly and equal to the latter, which may be less than the others and are not subject to surcharges for overdue payments.
The delay in payment of the installment entails a monthly surcharge of 1.2% on the amount of each installment and is imposed the day after the day that the installment had to be paid.
The provisions of Article 1 may also be subject to debts which on the date of the application:
(A) they are suspended, administrative or judicial, or by law; or

(B) have been subject to a payment arrangement or facility which is in force,

C) they have not been certified because they are pending before the courts, provided that together with the application and confirmation from the competent court that the case has not yet been discussed, a declaration of resignation has been submitted by the court or the relevant Tax Appeal Committee Disputes to confirm the debt.

The debtor’s application for eligibility shall be submitted no later than four (4) months from the date of publication of this law.
The regulation is granted by a decision issued by the organs responsible under paragraph 2 of Article 170 of Law 3463/2006.
When tax is included in the regulation, tax evidentiary evidence is provided if conditions for freezing tax evasion are not met for any other reason.

Upon payment of the first installment, the continuation of the enforcement proceedings on movable or immovable property shall be suspended provided that the execution only concerns debts governed by the provisions of this Article. If the borrower loses the benefit of the arrangement, the suspended measures continue.

The repayment or the first installment of the regulated debt shall be paid within three working days of the date of submission of the application for eligibility and in the event of non-payment the application shall be considered as not submitted. Subsequent installments are paid until the last business day of the following months, without the need for a particular notice from the debtor.
The limitation of debts for which an application for legal aid is submitted shall be suspended from the date of submission of the application for the entire period covered by the arrangement, irrespective of the payment of any amount, and shall not be completed before the expiration of one (1) year from maturity Of the last dose.
Persons liable, together with the primary debtor for the payment of part of the debt, are entitled to settle only that part of the debt.
The settlement of the debt is abolished, resulting in the mandatory immediate payment of the balance of the debt in accordance with the elements of the original attestation and the direct pursuit of its recovery with all the measures provided for by the applicable legislation if the debtor:
(A) does not pay three installments or delays the payment of the last installment for more than three months.

(B) fails to submit to the municipality the forecasted statements for the levying of the levy on the gross income and incidental tax, after the periodic VAT returns; And the VAT payable.

(C) has submitted untrue information in order to obtain the adjustment.

Amounts paid up to the submission of the application for membership of the arrangement are not refunded or offset.
This Article shall enter into force on the day of its publication.