Meeting of GSEVEE with the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. G. Stathakis

With the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. G. Stathakis, this morning, the President and Vice-President of GSEVEE Messrs. G. Kavathas and G. Asmatoglou, on the subject of the Presidential Decree on the categorization and content of land use.

In a very good climate of cooperation, the GSEVEE amendment proposals on the Presidential Decree were discussed, which concerned, among other things, In the permitted building surface of the ovens, the elimination of the constraints for the sm. Of refreshments and restaurants and specific comments on what the PD provides. For the Fuel and Energy Stores, for the low-level professional labs and the OPAP agencies.

The Minister, Mr. G. Stathakis, welcomed the comments and suggestions of GSEVEE on certain articles of the Presidential Decree.