GSEVEE says “NO” at the opening of the stores on Sundays

By unanimous decision, the General Confederation of Professional Manufacturers and Traders of Greece decided to participate in the closure of stores on the next Sunday 7 May, responding to the operation of the stores at least 30 Sundays per year, and participation in the mobilizations of 17 May.

In a joint interview given today by representatives of employers, consumers and employees, it was decided to close the stores on Sunday 7 May.

GSEVEE opposes the decision of the government and the lenders to operate commercial stores at least 30 Sundays per year in tourist areas with hotel units totaling more than 2000 beds.

The President of GSEVEE, Mr. G. Kavathas, made the following statement:

Even at the very last moment, the proper functioning of the market, which has been self-regulated to meet the needs of consumers, must be ensured. GSEVEE once again stresses that operating the stores on Sundays will lead to new padlocks of thousands of businesses an hour faster in a period of daily struggle to survive, while thousands of workers will be driven to unemployment.

What is missing from consumers is money and not time to make their purchases.

GSEVEE is expected to appeal again to the Council of State, which, in its previous decision, had decided to open the stores on Sundays unconstitutional.

We call on colleagues, self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses and traders not to open their businesses on Sunday 7 May, giving a tentative response to the efforts made to sell the market.