RDF burning

OEBEM, following an invitation from the Environmental Initiative of Magnesia, which invites us to the information gathering to be held on Saturday 6th May at 18:00 at the Corrados Hall in the Papastratos building in Volos, for information on the burning of RDF by AGET, invites the Associations – Members to participate in this event. The aim is to be thoroughly informed about the RDF burning conditions and we are present at any event related to the health of the citizens of Volos, which we put first and above all non-negotiable. Besides, the purpose of modern business is not just profit.
As far as the racing actions planned by the Magnesia Environmental Initiative are concerned, OEBEM will take a decision on its participation if it examines all aspects, scientific research and listens to the positions of all stakeholders as OEBEM itself has no knowledge of the Conditions and the consequences of burning RDF.
It urges those responsible to take a clear position and to make informed and scientifically informed on the issue of burning large quantities of RDF, as well as to present to the general public a number of surveys, data or studies showing the consequences of RDF incineration on a pan-European or broader Field, if any.