TO MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, Deputy Minister. Kouselas Dimitrios

Dear Mr. Minister

We understand that the proposed cabinet to be fixed for enactment after tax on the price of retail cigarette. Your proposal is for the tobacco industry rate of 60.4% for the stand-tobacconist rate of 31.3% for the dealer the operator 8.3%.

We esteemed K. Yfypourge, for a year we try to keep our businesses open, so as not to stay unemployed. Please note, then, that so far in our entire territory closed 1900 kiosks, and also inform you that many colleagues extend their operation in the hope that you will support them. Please note that the total industry numbers 46,000. 50% to 60% of our colleagues have an annual turnover of € 150.000. 30% of our colleagues tzirarei below 100,000 and only 10% of our colleagues have a little sustainability in their business – and this in large urban centers.

The bulk of our total turnover (90%) are tobacco products. Nobody understands that any decision you will have a key role in the survival of peripterouchon-tobacconists. We agree that the proposal of the Ministry, to be institutionalization, is in the right direction, but would prefer a more equitable distribution in terms of percentage of the tobacco industry and peripterouchon-tobacconists. That is, if the tobacco industry from 60.4% down slightly at 50% or 55%, then our industry could have a little hope of survival.

Dear Secretary of State,

The agony of our colleagues across the country is whether we can keep our business open, because our operating costs lead mathematically to extinction. We agree with the aforementioned positions of the Federation Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece (O.P.K.E.) and support a just and definitive solution to end the prolonged agony of all.


The General. Secretary

Constantine IV. Kogias



Volos, 21/2/2011

The Association of Professional PERIPTEROUCHON tobacconists N. MAGNESIA, participates in the “pension segment PROJECT STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT OF SMALL AND VERY SMALL ENTERPRISES, employing 1-49 PEOPLE, WITHIN THE ECONOMIC CRISIS” – INVITATION First, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on: “Structural Adjustment of Enterprises within the Economic crisis” and the Contracting Authority TRAINING SA Axis 2 Priority Axes 4, 5 and 6: “Increasing the Adaptability of Human Resources and Enterprises “of the Operational Program” Human Resources Development “2007-2013. In this context, the Union intends to make a direct award to Director of choice for developing sectoral plan which will be submitted by the Union.

Information: Kogias Kon / nos, Board President
Tel. 24210-32780

Open letter to the Prime Minister

Open Letter



1. Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou
2. Finance Minister Filippo Sachinidi
Volos, 25/5/2010
Doc. Ref. 122
Dear Prime Minister,
Kogias name is Constantine and I am the President of Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece. The purpose of this letter is to point out the very serious problems facing the Department of Peripterouchon tobacconists. The Greek society is experiencing a deep economic crisis which has affected all social classes without exception and professional of Peripterouchon industry.

Dear Prime Minister, we remind you that several years ago many citizens, including myself, we were in the manufacturing process and because of the great industrialization had to seek professional way in the industry stands. Today extruded again unemployed. The main reasons given then show you a complete picture of the impasse in which we find ourselves. For that reason and having no choice but to three our insistence and with 13 questions and a timely question of parliamentary representatives, and full information to the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the fact that our industry can not afford because the very low cost pricing does not allow us to sustainability.

We are not talking today about wages but not overcharged speech of huge operating costs. Today we try to pay our current operating liabilities. For that reason we are in the deadlock that we report below we inform you that touchiness reasons I personally as President of Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece, the Vice President of the Union of Professional Peripterouchon tobacconists N. Larissa, President N. Ioannina President of the Provisional Administration tobacconists N . Thessaloniki, the General. Secretary Pref. Trikala, President and Board member Pref. Karditsas, President of Serres, Xanthi President and President of Piraeus would accompany the strike Fr. is. Addressing your sensitivity, we ask you to support the just demands of our Branch as listed below:

Cigarettes. Large reductions in profit rates manufactured tobacco, resulted from the application of the new tax measures. Lately we all witnessed an attempt of our country to be able to stand on its feet economically. As a result of this effort is the announced tax measures that are unprecedented for our country. It would be absurd to deny any involvement in this effort [COLOR = # 363636]. Regarding our sector, it is inconceivable that the state wants to be unpaid withholding tax collectors 85.70% for cigarettes and 87% on tobacco, while we are called to work for starvation wages to gain an average of 0.16 minutes per package. In short in the package 3,20 € our rate was 8.48%, to 3.80 package our rate today is 4.5%, and the package of 4,80 € to 5 € profit of 3 , 2% to 3.4%.

a) with N. 3037/08 anti-smoking Law and ban in enclosed public places and there has been a decrease in our sales of 30%.
b) the N. 3815/2010 the rate of duty of 57% was 63% and the specific duty of 5% to 7.5% and sooner understand what this means, substantially the package of longer asking price of 3,20 € go to the package price at € 3,80 and reduce our profit by 10 cents per pack. Of course it’s second increase which gives the final blow, which defines the rate of excise duty at 65% and that the new support measures implementing the Special Consumption Tax went to 67% of profit rate from 3.2% to 3, 4% with an even greater reduction in rates on our earnings.

We report that the bulk of our sales from kiosk is the tobacconist tobacco products, which are taxed at source. The rest are small amounts that do not substantially alter the character of the total Tsirou. Please note that 50-60% of manufactured tobacco outlets have a turnover of 150,000 euros, 30% of our colleagues is below 100,000 euro and only 10% of colleagues have sustainability and financial strength.

Our proposal is:

a) no legislative reset threshold, the profit rate at 8.2% for the pavilion tobacconist as existed until the enactment of Law. 2127/1993 where the retail prices of manufactured tobacco were fixed by the state and the profit rate retailers had cleared at a rate of 9.1%. With Article 45 of the above law was given the right to cigarette manufacturers and importers freely to determine the retail prices of tobacco and thus to determine and profit rate of retailers.

b) no release of indicated rate to enable the state to ensure the overall excise duty and wants the rest of the tobacco industry and service station -antiprosopoi our booth tobacconist be setting threshold profit rate 8.2% on the purchase invoice. Today the following countries Cyprus, Italy, England, Switzerland, Slovakia, etc. is no published price and applies this scheme.

c) no redefinition of the excise tax by 67%, which was the third increase sto60%, because this is the average in the European community.

d) To provide final discharge of completion.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, you know that the taxation of tobacco products is harmonized at EU level and subject to the provisions of Directives 92/12 EEC, 92/79 EEC and 95/59 EC, which have been incorporated into our national law the provisions of Law. 2960/2001 << >> national Customs Code (OG 265 a) and the Council Directive of the European Union EC 2008/118 and request to see whether the Law. 3815/2010 is unlawful on the instructions The European Union.

Dear Prime Minister,
Any proposal by the three above and legislatures would help substantially to provide a little financial relief. We know the great difficulties facing our country, respect your concerns, but a great social class appears to be persecuted. Expectations of hope for survival we expect from you let’s not become martyr unemployment nightmare. All that remains is to fight to save our businesses through these preserve our families.
We strive not to stay unemployed.
We fight for the right job.
We fight today because we are not talking about wages but about how we cover our huge operating costs.
We refuse to subsidize tobacco products and mobile phone cards.
Strive 18 to 24 hours per day for wages hunger.

Dear Prime Minister, we ask you to support our small businesses. A great profession expects you to restore the injustice caused by the new taxes imposed. We hope that the anxiety and the intense reflection of our 46,000 colleagues will lead you to a just and definitive solution.

Today with the new “Measures for the implementation of the Greek economic support mechanism,” our industry is suffering irreparably, because both the increase set by 21% to 23% as the taxable value and secondly by increasing the fixed tax of 7.5% to 10% and the increase of the excise tax went to 67% the value of each packet of cigarettes of the most popular price ejected to 4,80 € up to 5 € and profit rate of 0.16 minutes. The total gain rates are limited to 3.2% to 3.4%.

The Federation Peripterouchon – tobacconists Greece asks you to do immediate action on the bill in order not to perish a large industry that all of it passes far 300,000 families. In any profession there is the uncertainty of tomorrow, as this industry. Today they remaining in the existing prices of the packages without going to further increase added the new tax on the purchase price consequently be even greater decline in our profit margins.

2) Cards. A few years ago began selling mobile phone cards, we were the first we put ” back ” to enable them to establish themselves and impose their products on the market. At first our rates were 15% and then our rates gradually shrunk and is now 3% to 3.80%.

Our continuous decline in profit rates from the sales of our products has brought an impasse and the situation is now critical. On the one hand our huge operational costs and the grueling hours and on the other hand the few gains lead our business to extinction and permanent closure. We as a profession with huge operating liabilities can not follow this low price policy affecting our business.

In our just demands are made are:
Following the decisions of the General Assembly made several primary unions of our country such as Thessaly, Epirus, Central Crete and mainland Greece, decided unanimously to hold Strikes.

Dear Prime Minister, the “Measures for the implementation of the Greek economic support mechanism,” our industry is suffering irreparably, because both the increase set by 21% to 23% as the taxable value and increasing the fixed tax of 7 , 5% to 10% of the value of each packet of cigarettes of the most popular price ejected at 4,80 € and profit rate of 0.16 minutes. Also with the new counts for the first time you enter excise tax in both soft drinks and juices, and bottled water. The total gain rates are limited from 3.2% to 3.4%. The Federation Peripterouchon – tobacconists Greece asks you to do immediate action on the bill in order not to perish a large industry that all of it passes far 300,000 families. In any profession there is the uncertainty of tomorrow, as this industry. Dear Prime Minister, colleagues Peripterouchoi tobacconists not belong to any party mechanism. The only mechanism that exists was and is the hard race for the survival of our families, and our children. We hope to listen to their concerns and anxious to have a just and proper solution.

Yours sincerely
Constantine IV. Kogias
President of the Federation Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece





On Wednesday, May 26, 2010, in Larissa, at 8:00 a.m. started [U] hunger strike nine [/ U] fellow members of the Federation, with Costas Kogias President OPKE Pref., Vice-N. Larissa President N. Ioannina President of the Provisional Administration tobacconists Pref., and Gen. . Secretary Pref. Trikala.

In hunger strike symbolically participate President and Board member Pref. Karditsas and, assisted by the: President of Piraeus Serres and Xanthi. Dear Colleagues and friends are all that’s left is to fight us in order to save our businesses through these preserve our families. We strive not to stay unemployed, and the right to work can not deprive us one. We refuse to subsidize tobacco products and mobile phone cards.
Strive 18 to 24 hours per day for wages hunger.
Dear Colleagues and friends do hunger strike
We are not beggars in our work.
Not perish as a branch.
Not to buy mobile phone cards / 9,82 € ment and to sell 10 €
Not to buy cigarettes 2,94 € and to sell 3 €
To not live with the nightmare of poverty.
To prevent overcharged and another in the banking system.
To not become a nightmare right of survival.
To not put tombstone in our businesses.
Why dying as unpaid tax collectors.

Dear Colleagues players and your friends invite you to support with your presence the great effort of the Federation Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece. We invite Larissa to send a strong message for a just and definitive solution.

We give strength to our strength.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, all in Larissa

Papakiriazi & Dekalionos
THE unpaid “tax collector”

NOT THE ECONOMIC despair colleagues


The Steering Committee



The aims of this organization are to claim, preserve, study and promote the economic, social and professional interests of its members in the context of serving the community as a whole. In particular, the Federation aims:
1. To cultivate, assist, develop and disseminate the spirit of trade unionism in craft trades professionals by generalizing the participation of all in the primary and tertiary trade unions.
2. The recording and the systematic study of the problems of the branches, for the most appropriate collective claim and their solution.
3. Encouragement and promotion of members’ co-operation, by organizing them in consortia, cooperatives of any economic form, development companies and entities (eg, craft parks) in order to more effectively defend and promote their economic, professional and insurance interests . Establishment of a branch of KEK GESEVEE – Annex of Thessaly, for the training of its members. Helping and assisting them by levying money or other items as well as any other provision.
4. Developing a spirit of solidarity and mutual support among members and ensuring conditions for improving vocational training and increasing their cultural and educational level.
5. The cultivation, exaltation and defense of the universal ideals of freedom, democracy, national independence, social justice and peace.

The Federation of Professionals – Craftsmen – Merchants Magnesia consists of  unions with 1,600 members. It is a branch of KEK GSEBEE. Throughout the course until today, the federation is trying to lead, to provide a single stride for the benefit of small media companies for a planned and planned economic development. The first priority of the Federation was originally -and indeed still is- the support of the local market by increasing productivity and improving quality for competitive products rival the European.


Composition of the Board, as occurred after the commission of the elections of 24/03/2015.

Trifon Plastaras

First Vice President
Vasileios Topas

Second Vice President
Evangelos Lalitsas

General Secretary
Dorothea Kanavitsa

Deputy Secretary
Nikolaos Tsiros

Achilles Pilatos

Deputy Treasurer
George Kleitsas

Superintendent of Public Relations
Athanasios Moschos

Stewards & Innovation Programs
John Fovos, Ioannis Grigoriou

George Gkalios

Audit Committee
John Chatziparasidis (President)
Nikolaos Karastergiou
Gerasimos Markopoulos

Agents in GSEBEE
Vasileios Topas
Trifon Plastaras
Nikolaos Tsiros
Constantine Pelekoudas
Dorothea Kanavitsa