The Union Merchants and Craftsmen Almyrou in cooperation with the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia conducted successfully informative meeting regarding “Electronic Waste Register” in Almyros Hall Hall, Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

The event keynote speaker and presenter was Mr. Flitris Ioannis (Energy Physicist, Researcher -Meletitis), who presented the business registration process in the Electronic Waste Registry and analyzed the available manual Registry.

Analyzed the term ‘waste’, presented the relevant European and Greek legislation and Joint Ministerial Decisions (JMD). The legislation in force since 2012 and registration is mandatory for businesses subject to the relevant JMD. For registration of companies was extended until March 30, 2017, following the actions of GSEBEE and decision of the Ministry.

The process was expressed and explained by a series of examples and then replies to the questions of the attendees. For further clarifications will be referred to the Ministry and will be answered by the competent.

Attending the event were the Chairman of the Merchants and Craftsmen Almyros Mr. Pantazonas Constantine and other members of the Association, the Vice Handicrafts Department Mr. Tsiamis Georgios. Also attended by the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia President Mr. Plastaras Tryfon, Executive Vice President Mr. Evangelos Lalitsas, Treasurer Mr. Pilate Achilles, board member Mr. Gkalios George and the Vice-Chairman of the Association of Craftsmen Metal Machining Magnesia Mr. Pelekoudas Constantine.

Special thanks to John k.Flitri for successful presentation and analysis of Electronic Waste Records and the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia for their excellent cooperation and willingness to organize the information day.



No. Ref: 4018 Volos: 15/03/2017

TO: Media


Held on Saturday 11 February, with great success, the annual dance of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Pref. In the cozy space “Gas Center”. In a packed room of professionals, not only with fun dancing and singing. The response was great and well attended. The members of the Federation and the rest of the world that honored the event, entertained and left aside for one night and the problems of job stress.

Undoubtedly the impact was great and the obvious success. Such events are necessary in our time, a daily charged, full of obligations, difficulties, problems and stress. A time when the crisis plaguing the world of SMEs and the problems more and multiply in the insurance, fiscal and financial sector, we all need fellowship with loved ones, from moments pleasant and carefree.

The event was attended by Board of Associations – Members of the Federation and numerous guests who attended the dance. The event beyond professionals attended, among others, the former Minister ka.Chrysoveloni Marina and party delegations and other bodies.

In his address the President of the Federation, Mr. Plastaras Trifon, welcomed the participants, referred to the cooperation that should exist between clubs and their members. Such events promote cooperation, acquaintance and relationship development. “But since the day imposes let out our problems and let’s take to the dance and entertainment”, said the President of the Federation.

The board of the Federation feels the need to thank those who attended the dance companies that offered prizes for the lottery and helpers were to the success of the annual dance. Also, the primary unions – members of the Federation and their representatives. Actions that contribute to the communication of associations – associations with the Federation and with each other is now an institution and will continue with further events. The evening ended with congratulations of everyone in the Federation Administration for the success of the organization.


The Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia. Held with great participation of its members and not only information day on the ‘E-Waste Register (HMA), “at its offices in Pavlou Mela 43-45 Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

The event with keynote speaker and presenter Mr. Flitri John (Energy Physicist, Researcher – Scholar) presented the business registration process in the Electronic Register of Waste with a series of examples and decoding process through the manual is available to businesses.

Presented scientific definition of waste, their hazard, the relevant legislation in the European Union and the Greek legislation, the Joint Ministerial Decisions (JMD) and the fact that this legislation in force since 2012. It should also be noted that the specific record is mandatory for companies subject to specific CMD (almost all firms). This record should be made until December 31, 2016, was extended until February 28, 2017, but then the GSEBEE actions and with the consent of the Ministry was last extended until March 30, 2017.

Then there was a presentation of how a company can be registered with the Electronic Waste Registry and followed a series of questions from the attendees.

The whole event ended with specific examples. Various sophisticated issues that need further investigation will be collected by the Secretariat of the Federation and sent officially to the Ministry. The Federation will accept questions and concerns of fellow professional craftsmen and traders at its offices (P.Mela 43-45) and hours Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00. Examined by the Federation in collaboration with primary clubs overall entry of members of grassroots unions, in cooperation with specialists – consultants.

The board of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia. Warmly thanks Agent Mrs. Flitri John eager to present this issue. The Federation will continue to inform professionals on this topic in other parts of the county. Pioneer to information on European law issues and constantly inform our members about the new data.




No. Ref: 4002 Volos: 02 March 2017



1. Continuation of successful research with the assistance of IME GSEBEE

They performed two surveys reflect the economic situation of the last two quarters of 2016, which have been screened and evaluated successfully. They will continue in 2017 as well as highlighting the business situation and supporter will FHW GSEBEE.

2. Support of EXTENT A union with the secretariat (two secretaries)

OEVEM main concern is the support of – union members. He has been recruiting new person, and now two people are available to clubs for their support.

3. Support the IME-HPC GSEBEE from OEVEM.

The OEVEM and its members should support the IME-HPC GSEBEE, especially in the programs. It is disappointing that in 2016 no LAEK 1-25 seminar did not take place at Magnesia.. The target for 2017 is the submission and implementation of 10 programs LAEK 1-25 from KEK GSEBEE. It should be noted that President of FHW-HPC GSEBEE Thessaly is the President of OEVEM Plastaras Trifon.

4. Confirm the decision to head the Chamber of Magnesia

In accordance with a decision taken and notified the head of OEVEM ballot will be the President of OEVEM Plastaras Tryphon with the full support of the Board.

5. Direct operations and further development of the hitherto cooperation with GSEBEE

The GSEBEE and OEVEM have developed ties of cooperation and support each other. The activation of the two bodies and their development are interrelated and necessary for the establishment and achievement of new objectives for the benefit of associations and enterprises.

6. Support the mobilization of tertiary organizations and locally when and where needed

The mobilization period we are going through is necessary, and OEVEM recognizing the problems and needs of the time will support these actions at local and wider levels. The protests are not related only to strikes and other actions. The OEVEM will always move in cooperation with other tertiary institutions in other entities.

7. Continuous contacts with regions, municipalities, MPs and other professionals to develop and resolve issues arising

Important and necessary communication with organizations and individuals inside and outside the county, as the problems and needs grow. The development of communication and networking channels is required for detection, analysis and resolution of what follows. They proposed to create committees in antiperifereias level (tourism promotion, environmental, etc.)

8. Recording problems by sector (commercial – craft – trade)

The Federation must record and communicate the problems of professional, trade and craft industry, to reflect the situation, to seek and propose solutions.

9. Turn the Committees

All the committees is 12. On Committees of the Federation people outside Directors and Presidents and Board Members Club – our members. In the current year we will try to bring more activation of these committees.

10. Continue opening Mr. networking productive institutions of the county to promote local problems (tourism promotion, cruise, VIO.PA, etc.)

Local problems are pretty and the emergence and solution needed is to create a network of productive institutions of the county. The Federation has already initiated a recognized open and objective is not only to maintain but also expand this opening.

11. Preparation of places for productive and economic development of the county. Designing actions.

The county has the conditions and potential for development in the productive and economic level. To bring about this development should make proposals, to be presented documented positions and plan actions to be implemented by the active force.

12. Contacts at central level (Ministries) for arranging small business issues.

The problems and the situation of SMEs does not suffice be viewed and resolved at the local level only. Essential is the contact centrally, with carriers that are able to provide solutions. Our Federation lately is in direct contact with institutions at central level.

13. Open to media both local and nation-wide media for highlighting the prefecture (Local newspapers, Finance Media)

The media is the way to become the State, the situation of the problems but also its strengths. This action must not be limited to the local level, but to go on nationwide.

14. Supporting Associations within their participation in local and international exhibitions

The Federation has to support its members – Associations, in every action and effort advertising and promotion of their subject in local and international exhibitions.

15. Support the organization of Associations

The clubs, the Board and its members strive for better organization, which the Federation wants to support. This can help through communication developed and providing assistance through the two Secretaries of Associations as revenues are not sufficient to hire a separate secretariat.

16. Investigation for new housing building OEVEM

Members – Associations Federation is 31, and the current facilities can not be housed each in his own office. Of course there is consultation and associations use common offices, but it would be good each member has its own space for better organization.

17. Claiming Thessaly Chamber in cooperation with other relevant OEVE prefectures

Federations of Professional Craftsmen and Traders of each prefecture in Thessaly region advisable to cooperate, as matters of concern not much different except at local level details. Therefore, the coiling is feasible and claiming Thessaly Chamber necessary.

18. Investigation of financial instruments for the financial support of the Federation (Bank of Thessaly)

Revenues of the Federation are not enough to develop and expand their plans and actions. But the existence of financial instruments and their approach is a key objective. Already successful is the cooperation with the Bank of Thessaly, and hope to extend economic aid of our Federation and by other entities.

19. Promotion and extension of the Civil Movement across Thessaly

The action of the Citizens Movement “We consume what we produce,” has reached a high level and recognized especially in our county, but should be extended to the other counties of our region.

20. New Board organization Federation (regarding the statute)

2015 was taken decision to change the structure of the Board of the Federation. The upcoming elections will take place through a new and expanded Board in order to have even greater participation of representatives in decision-making and enhance the openness of the Federation.

21. Proposals for economic development of OLV and Industrial area

The county due to its geographical position has always been a sign of economic interest. It has neglected the value of the port and industrial area, given the crisis we are experiencing. They should be set and implemented proposals to benefit economic development.

22. Establishment of a permanent exhibition center promoting local products

Our region is to highlight local products through clubs and other organizations, which should be accessible continuously and shows its evolution. This will be possible to establish a permanent exhibition center.

23. Update on the operability of the Site OEVEM fully informed of Federation members and their connection with the Associations websites

The internet is the most direct information and communication tool. The Federation’s website should be the average of full and immediate information of its members and also to highlight its members through a list of hyperlinks to their websites.



Doc. Ref: 4001 Volos: 02/03/2017





We are going through a very difficult time for the country, for the layer of professionals, craftsmen, traders, and the trade union movement. The risks are many and unfortunately not limited to our internal problems. The immigrant / refugee, international terrorism, the rivalries between States, especially in the energy map creates an explosive mixture that despite the tragic problems that we are experiencing can not overlook.

However this does not mean that we should leave aside our problems and our demands. Claims that are not only do with the survival of small and micro business, but mainly with the development of our country, with its economic growth, which should however be based mainly on small and very small entrepreneurship.

In this context the OEVEM moved last year prefixing the aspirations and needs of small, micro-enterprises and self-employed in an increasingly difficult business environment.

An economic environment over the past three years is stagnating. And there are many who perceive the economic stagnation we experience as the bottom of the barrel. As that is the beginning of growth. The term, however, stagnation has dual reading. If therefore an interpretation is the development followed the different interpretation encompasses the risk of a sudden collapse. Unfortunately the available data do not support sustainable development.

In fact, according to the latest survey of OEVEM small and very small businesses withstood the effects of the economic crisis and showed a more robust behavior now beginning to bend under the weight of the prolonged stagnation in an extremely limited economic environment.

In this suffocating context OEVEM last time sought:

· To express more strongly as possible and documented the interests, claims, the agonies of self-employed and small businesses.

· To strengthen the trade union movement. The OEVEM tries through its actions to strengthen the voice of small and even in this difficult financial environment and to exploit all possible cooperation on specific or broader issues with the social partners and other productive and social organizations.

The activities of the Association during the past year have been recorded in sixteen (17) Minutes of Board Meeting from No. 017 through No. 033

Discussed agenda issues, which were reflected in the minutes signed by all Board members Note that the content of all of the Board meetings It recorded on tape, following a unanimous decision of the Board members

Especially in the last year OEVEM carried out the following actions per month and there were 61 117 incoming documents and outgoing documents from no. Ref: 3787-3962:


· Support to the rural struggle with the Labor Center and ADEDY.

· OEVEM Suggestions for new insurance.

· Placing OEVEM to Thessaly Region Magnesia for commercial operation (cruise ships).


· Strikes with all Bodies and Associations. Concentration Harbor and St. Nicholas Square.

· Positions of the Federation for the promoted plan of government.

· Annual Dance Federation.

MARCH 2016

· Meetings with Governor OAEE.

APRIL 2016

· Signed MoU with the University of Thessaly.

· Meeting between OEVEM, Governor Hospital and hospital doctors.

MAY 2016

· Various forms of mobilization in cooperation with the institutions of the city of Agios Nikolaos, Freedom Square, Tax Office, Bank of Greece.

· Proposals to OEVEM Chamber of Magnesia for the ring of our city.

· Letter to OEVEM OAED proposals for School Year 2017 programming disciplines.

· Memo to the positions of OEVEM for the bill “Urgent provisions for the implementation of the Agreement Financial Goals & Structural Reform.

JUNE 2016

· Meetings with KEK OEVEM Magnesia for LAEK programs 1-25.

; Letters to SYRIZA MPs for seizure procedure in the third hand.

· Meeting with MPs of SYRIZA.

JULY 2016

· Greek flavors table in Volos beach with the cooperation of citizens consume Movement that we produce.

· Note to Deputy Minister of Finance. Alexiadis Trifon, Trade & Consumer Protection, Mr Secretary General. Papaderaki A. Public Procurement and DG Development Department Ms. Schoina M.


· Letter to MPs for lethal fines on undertakings.

· Letter to the Region and the Municipality of Volos for approving financial means for ESPA water network in Volos and N. Ionia.


· General Assembly and elections of GSEBEE.

; First quarterly survey of the Federation and presentation of results to the Hall Brickworks Museum N. & S. TSALAPATA.

· Workshop in collaboration with sesame for gas.


· Information from the OEVEM for property auctions.

· Responsible Annex KEK GSEBEE Thessaly Mr. Plastaras Trifon.


· Meetings with the coordination committee of the Citizens Movement consume that produce for the Christmas activities of the Movement.


Closing of OEVEM action review I would say that next time will have to face a number of serious issues that have been prescribed. We must therefore be ready as it tends to become dominant view that one of the most serious problems of the Greek economy is the existence and operation of an excessive number of small and micro enterprises. The problem is not the existence of a large number of small and micro enterprises. Rather, the problem is the low productivity, untapped and unexploited innovations and small market share of small and micro enterprises. In order therefore to effectively compete oligopolies, small and micro enterprises should cooperate and not to compete for the crappy shares of their local markets. In this case the role of OEVEM be catalytic.


THE PRESIDENT: Plastaras Tryfon



No. Ref: 3995 Volos: 01/03/2017

To Deputy Minister Mr. WORK. Petropoulos Anastasia



Region of Thessaly Mr. Agorastos Kon / only

Antiperifereiarchi N. MAGNESIA kg. Kolyndrini Dorothea


PRESIDENT GSEBEE Mr. Kavvatha Georgio



After briefing we had from the Employees’ Association IKA ETAM Pref. Concerning claims for Housing New Regional Health Services and PEKA in Thessaly Magnesia regional level, the demands of our Association find consistent. The building infrastructure of the operator, which accommodate the hitherto operating IKA bodies ETAM and OAEE, as mentioned by the Workers Association can perfectly serve the needs of the single entity in Thessaly level.

The arguments of the workers that at Pref. Are outside the continental and island regions, which increase the area of ​​the county and the Service access difficulties, and the fact that there is an economic interest because of tourist activity on the islands, supporting validity of its employees Association claims. We should point out the accessibility of the buildings as they are located opposite the train station of Volos, next to the port and close to the Intercity and Urban Bus.

The OEVEM always supports its fair demands of the county agencies, agrees and supports the position of the Workers Association for Regional Branch in Volos.

We call on other institutions of Magnesia, not only to take a stand on this issue. A County with high unemployment, dissolved industrial production and economic activity can not tolerate another downgrade.



No. Ref: 3993 Volos: 23/02/2017



Associations are invited representatives of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Pref. To participate in the Annual General Meeting to be held

on Monday, March 6, 2017 at the offices of

Federation Pavlou Mela 43-45 at 19:00.

On the agenda:

1. Election Bureau.

2. Financial year review 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016. Budget year 2017 (Presentation Treasurer) & Audit Committee Report of the year 2016.

3. Administrator account. (Secretary General Contribution).

4. Action Planning OEVEM year 2017 (President’s Speech).

5. Vote on approval a) Financial Report and b) the Board Report.

6. Amendment of Articles of Association OEVEM.


Athens, 23 February 2017


Subject: Bill ‘extrajudicial Mechanism Business Debt “.

The bill “extrajudicial Business Debt Adjustment Mechanism”, which is posted to a public consultation, aims to address the most important problem today runs the private sector of the country: red loans and indebtedness of enterprises. Addressing the business indebtedness problem is of major importance both to improve the business environment and to restore confidence in the banking system and a necessary condition for the country to embark on a sustainable growth trajectory.

In the general context of the GSEBEE believes that the bill is moving in the right direction, because it addresses the most important aspects and indebtedness sources systematically. At the same time, it will be taken care of with regard to specific parameters (detailed positions on technical issues will be sent to the relevant ministries)

1) Greater flexibility in the eligibility of small enterprises (the horizons evaluation is proposed to exceed 3 years, with alternative criteria such as turnover trend and the company’s commitment to participate in organized collaborative scheme to be taken into account).

2) As to the debts, it is proposed to reduce the debt threshold to € 10,000 while there should be an orderly arrangement recalculation of principal and legal interest, penalties and fines. On the basis of this loan restructuring terms with justice be made.

3) Special considerations are needed in cases that can not be reached to 60% of creditors, because of the debt structure (eg someone owns 41% of the debt and does not allow the restructuring).

4) Decrease bureaucratic abomination: many of the required documents can be searched automatically and posted / exported automatically to the qualification application. Especially for state fees related persons, we believe that should not be negative burdens small business such a criterion.

5) will be included in eligibility to debt adjustment former professional / pensioners who do not maintain a business operator, but had received a business loan and stopped doing business within the crisis. A similar provision should be made for guarantors / co-debtors.

6) protection and safeguarding of indemnity of government officials and bank executives agreed debts and loan restructuring. In particular, in cases erasure small business debts, the process should be more flexible and efficient. Under the recapitalization of the banks’ portfolios should be given to managers greater freedom to negotiate and apodesmefsis the judicial investigation perspective (with rules).

The GSEBEE believes that this bill is urgent to be submitted directly to the vote in the Greek Parliament – with the necessary modifications to be proposed and agreed with the production organizations – to give the opportunity to the domestic business to restart immediately after a long period contraction in investment demand and the decline in business activity. The government and institutions shall assume responsibility for any further delay there, which greatly harms the national economy and prevent the consolidation business and the banking system.


Athens, 23 February 2017


Subject: Letter GSEBEE for the reporting system DPA to the Minister of Labor.

Letter to the Social Security Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity, Ms. Effie Achtsioglou sent the GSEBEE Because of technical problems that have occurred in the filing system DPA, the multi-day system failure, of not adopting all the necessary circulars and minimum working days remaining to carry out this obligation.

In the letter, GSEBEE says:

Because of technical problems that have occurred in the filing system DPA, the multi-day system failure, of not adopting all the necessary circulars and minimum working days left for completing this requirement, we request from the Head of political authority decision making extending the DPA submission time for business for one month ie. until 31.03.2017.

At the same time, we urge the Ministry especially at this juncture to consider providing short extension until 03.15.2017 for the uninterrupted service of the first tranche of contributions from businesses and professionals.


Athens, 23 February 2017


Subject: Letter GSEBEE for online registration to register waste.

Letter to Environment and Energy Minister, Mr. C. Stathakis sent the GSEBEE on compulsory electronic registration and registration in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA) on any business activities are liable according to the legal framework.

In the letter, GSEBEE says:

According to Gov. 1B / 04.01.2017 until February 28, 2017 completed mandatory online registration and registration in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA) on any business activities are liable according to the legal framework. Moreover, for the same business electronic submission of waste report is mandatory for the years 2015 and 2016 until May 31, 2017.

This new procedure has caused concern among entrepreneurs were not aware of the relevant legislation. Therefore we kindly be given a reasonable extension to the closing date of accession to this register to entrepreneurs from all sectors to clarify whether they fall within the scope or not. At the same time, we urge the Ministry to clarify with explanatory circular which undertakings are bound to this procedure.

Note that for small and very small operators monitor the legislation is extremely difficult because of the multitude of laws, the amended provisions of the decrees and interpretative circulars. Indeed, the existence of ignorance is one of the main reasons for non-compliance with the Greek and European legislation.