No. Ref: 3711 Volos: 08/26/2015



The Board of Directors of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia. Convened on Monday, August 24, 2015, in the presence of presidents of grassroots unions, among the issues discussed was the mobilization of GSEBEE under the TIF in Thessaloniki Saturday 05 September 2015 at 5pm at the meeting point Venizelos Statue.

Please all Unions, Associations, Unions to inform their members on the widest participation mobilization that is massive.


· Hiring of buses with 80% occupancy, it becomes the responsibility of the Federation.

· For individual movements and absence leased bus from Federation, can be moved with I.CH.E. car (4 passengers per car).

· For more information about the mobilization of the phone / fax: 2421032780 and email:


No. Ref: 3710 Volos: 26/08/2015



The Board of Directors of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia. Convened on Monday, August 24, 2015, in the presence of presidents of grassroots unions, among the issues discussed was the reactivation of the Citizens Movement “consume that produce” and decided unanimously to enthusiastic support of the conference. The workshop will be held Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 19.00 at Volos Palace hotel. The event takes place from two Federations of Magnesia with the support of the Chamber of Magnesia and the Metropolis of Demetrias. Guests will be President of GSEBEE Mr. Kavathas George and the Treasurer Ms. Movement. Tsiami Stella.

Greetings will address Bishop Ignatius and the President of the Chamber of Magnesia Mr. Basdanis Aristotle. Invited the economic and productive actors Magnesia (cooperatives, large Greek enterprises) Industrialists Association. Hotel Association, Industry Associations Volos – Almyros Velestinou & Associations, Associations, Unions Magnesia tee etc.

The event aims to create a movement for the promotion of local and general Greek products. Local products do not have anything to envy in quality and price. Effort will be to create a common front of all professionals, craftsmen and merchants and consumers to advance through local businesses and be preferred by consumers of Greek products.

In difficult moments passing the Greek economy, with capital control, unemployment, underdevelopment etc. the need is imperative that organizations and individual business bodies to unite and face the future together.

For the whole organization will come back with a new press release. For more information about the event on the phone / fax: 2421032780 and email:


VOLOS 11/14/2012 Ref: 3283

Dear Friends,
The Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Pref. In the context of escalating mobilizations making bodies meeting at the offices of the street Koutarelia 74 on the 1st floor Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 20:00 to inform all stakeholders about the unfair behavior of OAEE started sending notices to present our colleagues in the single Criminal Court, thus initiating a lawsuit to confirm the debts of his colleagues and to continue the process of notifying the payment orders and the seizure reports, although both our Tertiary union GSEBEE but and our Federation document was sent and asked to be mild debts settings 120 monthly installments without deposit. Under this pressure the judicial decisions and notices blackmailing the Federation convenes us this meeting actors. The big problems we have to OAEE are the following:

1. 85% of our colleagues right now has tremendous insolvent, continuous increments overstate the total debt of the contribution resulting in a short time all our colleagues to come across the one hand to justice and secondly, they can not be fundamentally They operate their business.
2. Our colleagues with their debts can not get insurance clearance consistently can not consider books and records as well as they can not run their business. This behavior of OAEE leads with mathematical precision in the final padlock our business.
3. Being able to insolvency in our Insurance Fund of OAEE both do not have the basic right to healthcare and on the other, forced to pay in full our treatment (medicines), both for ourselves and for the other members of our family. Unlike department stores globalization practice of our fund OAEE The state is quite different and well-governed. For example, department stores only pay an insurance fee for the main shops and not to branches across the country. The same applies to all banks.
4. From the time that led us to become small and medium entrepreneurs eliminating from the production process due to the very large deindustrialization suffered by our country and especially our region we were paying regularly all these years our insurance contribution. From the time when our country has sunk in too long and deep recession and the liquidity and market mobility is almost non-existent, it is reasonable not to treat us with our insurance booklets as not deprived of rudimentary our medical care as long keep the current crisis, or at least 12 months?
5. When dragged our colleagues in courts other than the penalties to be imposed on each of us, will assure our existing debts to the tax office and of course not be avoided in any case, reports the seizure and auction by the decisions of their judicial departments.
6. Law 4087 / 16.10.2012 for mild settings arrears of contributions of the Law circular in Article 3 states that the capitalization of the debt is made up to 31/07/2012 it means in itself that to get someone to regulation debt needs at least 3000 € deposit. And the mockery of one-time payment of insurance contribution recipient may have a discount of 100% increases if you manage and pay your total debt in six installments. If you do not have the ability to pay in 7-10 doses are discount increases to 75% if not setting your debt ceiling regulation is extended until 31/12/2013. It automatically means that you need the advance, that in this way we understand that our fund does not want to settle debts but wants to destroy small businesses, is looking to raise money to cover its operating needs because if we are unable to pay for our two-month contribution which is 850 € that is to pay 1150 € eos1300 dose depending on the debt amount. So they know in advance that we can not pay the existing regulation and of course again is reset with additional increments.
7. From the time that we pay so insurance contribution years and last year we insolvent if they can not seal our booklets or give us insurance awareness, then our money in interest must be returned as they do.

8. It was found that our colleague founded 39 years working ie eight years on the ships (NAT) and 31 years (TSA) OAEE in 62 years of retirement with the amount of € 440. If this is misery and slavery hostage Les Invalides then what is?
9. Unfortunately, our fund does not examine the cases of the years of work and foundation course because all of our colleagues will be with successive insurance will undergo a reduction of 30% and of course there will be an increase in premiums by 30%.
10. We refuse to have hunger pensions to veterans work of SMEs, this misery is not suited to the backbone of the national economy as called small and medium size entrepreneurs.
For all these reasons are forced to fight in order not to be in constant misery and hijacked both our fund and the state. Not begging but demanding here and now final and fair solution for all members of the OAU

THE PRESIDENT: Kogias Kostas


VOLOS 11/1/2012

Dear friends,

At the meetings, we planned the members of the Steering Committee of the “Civil Movement of Hope” with political leaders, Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 24:00 We met with President of the Democratic Left K. Foti Kouvelis, the offices of the Party. We raised the attention of the big problems of daily life and of course we asked to endorse the Memorandum, we handed over and which recorded the cries of anguish of society itself, which is already testing the strength of backup. We also pointed out the need that all political forces to help essentially to be real hope for recovery, but also to change the existing policy, leading us into deadlock. It is worth mentioning that the five States that we visited, two are already unemployed. Mr. President of the Democratic Left assured us that it shares all the concerns of society and pledged to try to contribute substantially to the extent of the possibilities in this direction.


We asked him to get out

Requests not to become beggars OUR CHILDREN

Asked not PERASOUN
THE HARD unpopular measures

We wanted to redeem


We do not tolerate others mocked OUR RESPONSIBLE THIS CRISIS



Kogias Konstantinos
VOLOS Koutarelia 74 1st Floor,
Tel – 24210-32780 & 24210 29 811
FAX: 24210-32780 Mobile: 6934832876, email:


VOLOS 30/07/2012 Ref: 3195



The Federation of Professionals – Craft & Trade Pref. As part of the renovation of the Members and bodies of our district held a meeting Friday 27/7/2012 at the MP of Independent Greeks Ms. political office. Marina Chrysoveloni and MP of the Democratic Left K. Moutsina Paris and outlined the major problems concerning the SMEs and requested support. He noted that mild debt arrangements need to be made in order to enable us to get gentlemen tax and social security clearance. For the insurance issue called for reference to Parliament or query to be drafted in the legislative framework concerning the debt arrangements such as favorable Circular 124/2007 with 120 monthly installments without deposit and of course to allow even the temporary visa of their books in order not deprived of their healthcare. For tax and arrears were also asked to provide relevant legislative framework. On the issue of Tiresias SA They asked to double opportunity to enable the recovery and the prospect on a sustainable path. Report it became and the remaining debts of small and medium entrepreneurs include rent, utilities, suppliers, insurance funds, municipal taxes, Tax, etc. We explained that we begin as Federation the great consumer awareness campaign to prevent to a minimum the scourge of illegal trade – smuggling. It not highlighted, that the hand of our fellow citizens is to finally stop this situation. If there is no concerted and sustained effort to inform consumers may not exist and consumer awareness. Finally reference was made to the explosion of bounced checks, the operation of the Guarantee Fund and funding from banks in order to have a liquid market for the salvation of all these companies. The MP promised to bring the issues in parliament or in the form of reference or query and called for its detailed information on these issues.

THE PRESIDENT: Kogias Kostas


VOLOS 31/07/2012 Ref: 3198



The Federation of Professionals – Craft & Trade Pref. As part of the renovation of bodies of the prefecture held our meeting with Police Director Mr. Alamana Apostle at the offices of Subdivision Security Volos. The topics discussed were the major everyday problems faced by SMEs, such as rent, utilities, suppliers, insurance funds, municipal taxes, Tax, and the big problem scourge of trafficking – illegal trade. We explained that we begin as Federation the great consumer awareness campaign to prevent the minimum possible the serious problem of illegal trade – smuggling and of course we asked for the immediate intervention of the Police Department with daily checks and frequent patrols. It not highlighted, that the hand of our fellow citizens and SMEs is to finally stop this situation. The Police Director Mr. Alamanas informed in pledged that both the police station and the existence of mixed IACs could minimize the major problem facing all SMEs. He also mentioned the need to coordinate all enforcement mechanisms to stop this unacceptable situation. Finally, the management of the Federation congratulates him on taking up his new duties at the Police Directorate of Magnesia at a very difficult time when our country has suffered great economic crisis and of course the society is in a prolonged agony of uncertainty.

THE PRESIDENT: Kogias Kostas


Doc. Ref .: 556
Volos, 19/01/2012

Press release

Dear friends,

The Consumer Cooperative Supplying Goods Pavilion Pref. (SYN.PE.) in collaboration with the Federation tobacconists Greece and the Union tobacconists Pref. Trikala held an extraordinary general meeting Sunday January 22, 2012 at 20:00 tavern in grocery stores. The President of Synaspismos. IP. Costas Kogias the reasons for the total effort made by the cooperative in order colleagues to escape from the big economic deadlock which has come. Reference was also made to the ways in which we will reduce the total cost of expenses and how to increase profit margins in all products sold in order to safeguard a sustainable path.

The President of Synaspismos. IP. Costas Kogias was reported that the amendment of the Constitution and Supplying consumer cooperatives Species Pavilion Pref. Will now Supplying Cooperative Consumer Goods Pavilion and other kinds of Thessaly and Central Greece. It is therefore a matter short time to create stations of SYN.PE. Trikala, with independent Financial & Administrative Management. A subsequent questions and unanimously decided to create the second stations. In terms of the Administration President. Nakos and all members of the Union Peripterouchon tobacconists Pref. Trikala, they undertook to find that space for the establishment of stations SYN. IP. At the rally attended by Gen. Secretary. Nick Altintzoglou and member of the Supervisory Board of SYN. IP. Mr. Papadimitriou Dimitrios.

massively negotiate, buy in bulk, and manufacture products in bulk through the process of SYN. IP. always respecting the consumer. This partnership gives the opportunity to all of us and all of you can become partners according to your affordability, buying from 1-50 servings.

The value of each cooperative share is 58.70 euros. These cooperative shares is the guardian of every cooperative that at any moment can liquidate any own use, with the debt that period. With the movement of the PLUS products. IP. increases the value of cooperative shares held by each cooperative.

Please note that the first station SYN. IP. He was on the road 52 Hellespont in Nea Ionia, Volos.

Kogias Kostas
Tobacconists N. TRIKALON
Nakos Kostas


VOLOS 28/04/2011
Doc. Ref: 476



Dear friends,

Most carcinoma we face as an industry is the presence of vending machines. We as Federation (O.P.K.E.) via our legal advisor we have sent a document and we have made several interventions in the media and of course we will send a new document and both the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Justice for the great scourge of vending machines. We dear friends and girlfriends called to be typical compared to the state and punished if they do not cut proof. But it is possible to orgy evasion through these machines and we remain indifferent? We will inform the Financial Crime to make inspections and to seize all these machines. Not talking about automatic cigarette machines where prohibited by law 3730 on minors where they have placed these machines at the same time with a simple complaint confiscated. Talking vending machines where products are chocolate,  refreshments, drinks, water, beer, coffee ready, condoms, sandwiches, croissants, milk, yogurt, fried potatoes, magazines etc. These machines dear friends and girlfriends work in mass areas such as schools, schools, factories, bus stations, trains, ports, and other stores such as OPAP agencies etc. and make evasion party because neither proof nor give no corresponding documents attesting what products were sold from vending machines. If the Government or Ministries not we take a final decision we decide to put our businesses vending machines and will go in the evening to place the products supplied and to take the money and even black. This carcinoma if not today then dealt there is no hope for any colleague in all sectors of us have sustainability. On 19 & 20 February 2011 I raised the issue of vending machines in Assembly G.S.E.V.E.E myself and asked for the immediate intervention of higher trade union. Also we have to mention that for some time without being racists have started a merciless war against the scourge of illegal trade. We accept continuous checks are legitimate because while these are immune. Can not dear friends and girlfriends to have double standard or all illegal or all legitimate. The same issue that we have raised in the Chamber of Magnesia and the Central Union of Chambers and of course we have updated and all the Greek parliament, once the Greek state needs to take political responsibility and of course we advocate and all parliamentary parties. Can not we humans toil and labor be called upon to pay such taxes and tax settlement and risk of unemployment and the state to wink at whirlwind illegal trade. In our thinking is to inform everyone and to commit them to take place. This predicament can not go on any longer, do not allow that we might be strangers in our land. We are Greeks and we demand the legality of all. Dear friends and girlfriends are all aware of the major problems we face as an industry and generally all SMEs. Margins have exhausted all patience we have to find a way to get out of the impasse. Therefore we inform you that to date across the country have closed 2,350 kiosks, we also mention that the whole industry is 46000. The 50% to 60% of our colleagues have an annual turnover of € 150000. 30% of our colleagues is below € 100000, and only 10% of our colleagues have a little sustainability in their business and that in large urban cities. We refuse to be victims of manipulation, we refuse to give away our work and our businesses, we refuse to be overcharged another in the banking system. We strive for a just and definitive solution. Dear friends and girlfriends small and medium sized businesses need our support and financial incentives in order to have a sustainable path.

THE PRESIDENT: Kogias Kostas
THE GENERAL SECRETARY: Gkouvinas Vasileios

Answer IME GSEBEE to the Minister of Economy and Development Mr Dimitrios Papadimitriou

Reply letter to the Minister of Economy and Development Mr. Rep. Papadimitriou, sent by the President of the General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (GSEVEE) and IME GSEBEE Mr. George Kavathas after the Minister’s statements, by which directly challenges the findings the semi-annual survey of the Institute of Small Enterprises (IME) of GSEBEE given a few days before the publicity. In a statement at the Athens Agency Minister of Economy and Development Mr. Rep. Papadimitriou disputes the survey data. A survey carried out with absolute scientific terms from 2009 until today distanced from topical political issues. Unfortunately, research findings verified over the years, which in no way pleased us, as behind the “padlocks” hidden tragic human stories. Professionals who not only lose their jobs, but are invited to live with a heavy financial burden for life.

The items posted are solely scientific analysis and documentation product, given the margin of error always exists in the statistical science and we are always available to Mr. Rep. Papadimitriou to provide any clarification on how the survey was conducted.

The Minister of Economy and Development reasonably wonder how it is possible to shut down 40% of companies, ie 4 out of 10 across the country, and this translates to only 18,700 companies, when in Greece 99.6% of companies are SMEs, representing approximately 700,000 businesses.

The answer is very simple and honest: 4 out of 10 businesses express fear / anxiety that next time felt they were / or very likely to close. It is obvious that this indicator is a change / optimism index rather padlock indicator alone compared with previous studies can produce reliable conclusions (as you’ll see in the slide following rate is improving, but remains quite high, reflecting the feeling of uncertainty experienced by small companies).

Following is the full text of the letter:


“Dear Mr. Minister.

Because our principle is that every news statement and should always be checked and intersected thoroughly evaluated before and as we must preserve the credibility of the institution ekprosopoume- and we believe that we have achieved in full until today, we believe that one should go in some clarification on your alleged declarations reproduced by particular electronic means, on the reliability of investigations IME GSEBEE.

First, the findings of the six-monthly surveys economic climate IME GSEBEE are completely distanced from topical political issues, while there has never been any political interference (internal or external) during the processing of the findings and / or the final version of the results. The items posted are solely scientific analysis and documentation product, given the margin of error always exists in statistical science. The publication of research is not determined by political circumstances but by the time of completion of the processing of the findings. If someone did not bother to study all the research climate IME GSEBEE from 2009 to today in conjunction with the specific timing would be able to recognize the validity of the above. Additionally, the results of the interim economic sentiment surveys have been used by international organizations, universities, the European Commission (SBA Factsheet), the International Labor Organization and the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (UEAPME) for deriving the overall economic climate results for SMEs in Europe.

It is true that throughout the duration of the economic crisis (2010-2016), when the effects of the economic climate survey published recipients have often been complaints or disputes, usually from government.

However, these issues are resolved through consultation and discussions at scientific / technical level without prior or subsequent public display. In each and every case the necessary technical clarifications given. In all cases also the short-term forecasts of IME GSEBEE finally confirmed.

Finally an item you need to know is that we do not control the way in which journalists or politicians choose to view data from surveys of IME GSEBEE. Nor can we intervene in any publication that shows itself exaggeration or even distorts the results of investigations IME GSEBEE.

According to your statement, (published by ANA-MPA and, which reprinted by Dawn the 3/31/2017) surveys IME GSEBEE are unreliable because they predict that it will close 40% of businesses, and it is estimated in absolute terms that would shut down 18,700 enterprises. Good question, as reportedly expressed: how is it possible to shut down 40% of companies, ie 4 out of 10 across the country, and this translates to only 18,700 companies, when in Greece 99.6 % of enterprises are SMEs, representing approximately 700,000 businesses. The answer is very simple and honest: 4 out of 10 businesses express fear / anxiety that next time felt they were / or very likely to close. It is obvious that this indicator is a change / optimism index rather padlock indicator alone compared with previous studies can produce reliable conclusions (as you’ll see in the slide No. 68 presentation that enclose you, the index is improving, but remains quite high reflecting the feeling of uncertainty experienced by small businesses).

The padlocks of assessment index obviously can not be inferred from the above figure. Rather, it is a complex revaluation of the intensity of the above index, combined with statistical findings associated with damage occurrence, indebtedness and downsizing trend. It is clear that if someone your consultant / partner entered the process to investigate this apparent contradiction initially, would readily available simple interpretation.

Moreover, we would point out that the IME GSEBEE not assess the number of net closures (records-offs) because it does not know the number of new recommendations, a number that is a function of the business climate and growth prospects, and certainly subject research study.

In principle, it is for the official statistics authorities and research institutions of the state to calculate total number and appreciate the recommendations / deletions business flows and to allocate secondary research in scientific bodies, institutes and Universities. It is worth noting that to date, the total number of enterprises operating in the country comes through simulations SBA Factsheet and Structural Business Statistics- which take interviews from our institution for these calculations, not by official census data . Despite the significant progress made on the operation of GEMI, it is clear that remaining gaps and inconsistencies as to the proper statistical representation of the number of SMEs operating in the country. FHW GSEBEE has repeatedly raised the lack of information to the competent authorities, the Ministers who had the honor of a background in the key position of the Ministry. Economy and Development on statistics and tax authorities and other research institutions.

FHW GSEBEE also always available political and state institutions and is not subject to any form of control or self-censorship, particularly when it comes to analysis of primary statistical data produced or processed the same.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous six-month investigation, the IME GSEBEE unfortunately verified 1) as to the number of padlocks, 2) with respect to the voltage limit escalation of unemployment.


FHW GSEBEE has demonstrated by its recommendation that operates solely with investigating the scientific truth regardless of political considerations, trying to produce results useful for the promotion of the national economy. Not we hide that during the crisis often remained hopelessly alone in the constant defense of the values ​​it represents.

Whereas the above cited figures, clarified the methodological framework for the interpretation of primary data generated by the IME GSEBEE, we consider that the alleged Your returns are void.

In This historic moment we are living, the time that trading is at a critical juncture and the country needs a minimum level of national consensus and unity, we must all work hard together to exit the Greek society and economy of the difficult phase passing . Instead petrovoloume messengers, we must put all one building block to create real new positive news for our country.

In this context, we request formal meeting with you to discuss strategic policy issues in the country’s development and for the position of SMEs in the new era. This meeting will probably be a good occasion to discuss and individual technical issues related to the statistical recording of Greek SMEs sizes. “

Statement by the President of GSEBEE the presentation of the interim survey of economic sentiment for Small Business IME GSEBEE – February 2017

“The half-yearly survey of GSEBEE (IME GSEBEE) captures the most characteristic way the dire economic position are the rΕΞΑΜΗΝΙΑΙΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΑemaining SMEs, after nine years of deep recession. The delays in the evaluation closing aggravate the situation, leading to a 2 on 5 SMEs to risk being shut down. the sales are in free fall (-17.8%), leading many SMEs to slow to meet their financial obligations (10% increase in debtors Tax & suppliers s). The lack of liquidity and capital leads to suffocation (70.1%). The imposition of new taxes unsustainable, led to increased arrears to the IRS. sounded the alarm on the economic team of the government, stressing that unless restore the proper functioning of the market many more businesses will put a padlock and thousands more workers will lead to unemployment. “