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Doc. Ref .: 517 BOLOS 27/08/2011


Dear Colleagues in the way they handle which your colleagues are not trying to make unity and rallying the industry, but instead create rift in the industry section. It seems that the author of the Greek Kiosk text tries to mislead the industry colleagues only impressions for his own purposes. Colleagues should know that the games are not online but in practice. I come to this editorial and the video on August 26, 2011.

1. After our meeting in Athens with the Ministry went out on all channels and said the results of the meeting we had and certainly not presented anything of my specific interviews. We committed to boycott the financial cigarettes is less than 3.5% and all 25aria cigarette packages from August 1st, 2011 in order to push the tobacco manufacturers and importers to quickly increase their margins again not presented anything nor our communications nor and from my interviews.
2.Where August 25, 2011 in another publication of Greek Kiosk entitled to rally the industry is not virtual but real, no one realizes that the relevance of the text have selective memory about what the author says, for example, the coordinating body not established balances to ensure trade union or reconciliation of the industry, also reported untrue that for a half year the problems of the industry were in the hands of senior trade union without adversely solutions.

• The big problem created by the reduction in cigarette profit rates began on January 19, 2010 by significantly increasing the proportional tax. From 09 February to 25 May we held four major strikes culminating in the great hunger strike on May 25 in Larisa out of the Deputy Minister’s office K. Sachinidi and sole striker Mr. Costa Kogias and with the support of the participating compounds had. Up to that time the government have refused stubbornly to open any dialogue. But of course before we descend to mobilize ensure support 175 primary and secondary tertiary union of all the branches and guarantor President of ESEE Mr. Dimitri Asimakopulos on May 26 we had the presence of all the industry associations and we exposed our major concerns. One must understand that the great difficulty factors facing our industry is the government and the tobacco industry.
• The government in its attempt to get money from the IMF Okay excise duty under the Agreement signed. And of course he continued to put new taxes and in EXCISE resulting in late 2010 to take 85.7% of the overall charge of each cigarette packet substantially reducing the profit margins of all.
• The tobacco companies and importers in turn in order not to lose market share instead realize increase in cigarette packet prices lowered prices dramatically and substantially narrowed the margins to our colleagues.

In all then we informed all political parties, colleagues of regulated and non-unions, consumer society, we informed the media, along with the great efforts of almost all primary our clubs throughout the country, which held protests, issued notices submitted written statements and held a series of interventions at local and national level, etc. and with the contribution of all 22 current questions tabled in Greek Parliament, while we had other big strikes culminating in the great strike on October 22, 2010 and the hunger strike in Syntagma Square and Metropolis. With the participation of the Hellenic race steering committee and the participating associations and hunger striker Mr. Costa Kogias and with the support of colleagues of the Steering Committee Athens struggle, and all the territory of colleagues. Where on October 26 in the presence of all stakeholders in the industry but Mr. Panagiotis Lafazani Parliamentary representative SYRIZA committed the Government to a reduction of the proportional tax. Until then had held two gatherings of all stakeholders in the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the presence of manufacturers of Import Companies – Gas Station Owners Representatives and our colleagues Peripterouchon tobacconists. On December 14 in the tax bill was reducing the proportional tax by two percentage points from 67% to 65% and of course committed the tobacco industry that this decline will turn into profit for our colleagues. Since then the two units of the proportional tax never reached the hands of colleagues pushed the government and we and everyone colleague how to bring Government bill which stipulated in Article 47 of Law. 3943/01/04/2011 that 31, 3% of apoforologimenis price will go to our colleagues. But because there was a bill in the safeguard of punishment and fines by station owners preferred the total contempt. For these efforts to fight O.P.K.E. sent 516 protocols incoming and outgoing documents, and of course more so perhaps above sent all participating associations across the country, and colleagues of the steering committee race in Athens.
So the reset of everything is false and based on selective memory.
3.The meeting for the establishment of a coordinating body decided unanimously that any text will see the light of day first sent and then published. To date texts published without even being there even a phone contact. In our meeting I stated boldly that I do not care no chair because for 45 years I give a daily battle for survival not only for our industry but for all SMEs.
Also worth doing a little report for my last years in civic events industry.
• With the reeling and the concurrence of existing institutions or primary unions of the industry managed to lay the foundations of this industry, in this long path every colleague put his own pebble, both for existing leases, stay until the end of the contract us after the death of the beneficiary, the legislative text products on sale, the legislative determination of outlets, the dimensions of the stands, health provision, ads, extensions of tents, their shared s premises and municipal decisions, the protection of minors from tobacco etc. up establishing supplier of consumer cooperative in 1997 and to date has not established other sectoral Cooperative etc. All these years we have tried to activate the primary unions across the country with concurrence of at sites Associations of tradesmen, trying to have a voice in decision making bodies such as Chambers, the G.S.E.V.E.E Mr. a. So then General aphorism and the depreciation of everything does not fit in our industry, and we naturally first concern should be how to build across the country primary unions and then Federations and not try to dismantle the existing associations in name a Coordinating Body. The coming years are quite difficult and you accept stifling pressure to be shrinking business in a coordinated effort extermination of all professions. In this effort played an important role and exerted government policies, the privileges granted them and with the financial support given to them to enforce the rules of globalization with polymorphic polymorphic sites stores.

Dear Colleagues, if you do not understand that the only way left is the unity and rallying all around the common problems of the industry, then both the state and the tobacco industry will try in one way or another way to cause problems. The practice of divide and rule is not helping anyone instead needs a united front to cope with reality. When no one understands that everything happening is organized extermination plan of both the industry and other small businesses, when there is called up, the logic then we and the results can not be expected. Failing a single line with a single motion nobody but nobody can take you seriously. Our power sector has not only the advantage of the benefit. Everyone is trying in his own way to express the proposal. We believe that the many voices or suggestions can win anything? He believes that the time spent by many different suggestions have helped the sector? Believing that there is the luxury of mutual extermination of existing trade bodies? Believing he can win something without a collectivity without unity without coiling without concurrence, without enlisting, without introducing a single sentence? there instead of these rivalries have to shed all water in their wine and their youthful flare to been reached one and only target the viability of the industry, how our colleagues will remain in their businesses, how to not become unemployed, the how we will not allow anyone to destroy us. And of course you need to restore the lost confidence of all our colleagues who are in the industry. My recommendations continue to ask the Ministry
the full implementation of the Law. 3943/01/04/2011 and the safeguards
the punishment and fines, the final discharge from the closure. Not for the tobacco industry and importers recommend the full implementation of the Law, and a decrease from 60.4% to 50% to 55% of apoforologimenis price.
Such is my position and views on the industry so many years I serve
I tabled our initial meeting, but I find that the following practices are not in the direction of the broader rallying and unity of the industry. I can not participate in a coordinating body with no respect for elected bodies of primary, secondary and tertiary union. My participation was mainly in the direction of support and effective assistance in order to have a definitive solution to the impasse that has come our industry. If the coordinating body go to the original thought respecting the autonomy of each institution then I’m willing to help. Never supported efforts had not driven section of the industry. My presence over the years was the sole purpose of the interests of fellow alone. Besides, most of our colleagues are well aware of my character. Colleagues each our colleague can freely express its views on the major problems of the industry enough to be in the direction in the interests of our colleagues, after all this is the beauty of free speech in the Peoples Republic.

With Best regards.
President O.P.K.E
Costas Kogias

Notice Protest


To Media


We denounce the unacceptable decision to downgrade the SuperLeague and the EPO in 4th class team of Olympiacos Volou essentially punishing the city of Volos. Such unacceptable decisions may not exist because it degrades the intelligence of the people. The Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia. Unanimously denounced the decision-making centers of Athens and stands as the city of Volos and Volos in the Olympic team. We do not allow you to downgrade the city since long ago succeeded in machinations to get the Mediterranean Games in our city.

THE PRESIDENT: Plastaras Efstathios



Tsunami padlocks and redundancy
August 28, 2011 14:40

Research – alarm of GSEBEE records so gloomy predictions about the future of SMEs, and workers employed in them.

REPORTAGE: Vaso Kyriazi

The research, besides the unfavorable position are tradesmen and traders, record the growing transportation charges by companies to their employees through continuous flexible labor relations and the clipping of earnings. Two in ten companies have already reduced working hours and wages of their staff, while an additional three in ten plan to do the same next time.
The nightmarish predictions made in research exude sheer pessimism which now has impregnated the market two years after the collapse of demand, tough fiscal measures and successive bankruptcies.
Furthermore because of the crisis for each hiring in the private sector represent seven dismissals, as based on research about 20.4% of firms lowered employment during the first 6 months compared to only 3.1% made recruitment.
Because in fact most companies have reached a level number of employees within the limits of their operating capacities, now turning with greater intensity in the solution of flexibilisation of working conditions, such as loss of pay and reduction of working time.
Three in ten plan to further reduce wages and working hours of employees by the end of the year. Of these, most are craft enterprises (36.3%) and small companies with between 5-9 people.
Serious problem for the sustainability of SMEs is still limited liquidity combined with the continued decline in turnover (-30% in the first 6 months). 40% of companies say they face problems in the timely payment of wages of their employees, while 1 in 3 companies have “fez” IKA, OAEE, public enterprises and public funds and suppliers.
Bomb for small form and bounced checks, bad checks as holding business and not have the seal approaching the number of those who have already “burst” at a ratio of 40-60%.

pock unemployment
The unemployment rate started ejected after 2009, and in line with the latest data processed by Secretary OEVEM Kon. Kogias intense is the problem to young and new to the unemployment rate reaches 42.5%. The table below shows the development per month in the last five years. Worrying really is the amount of young people up 24oneton.

Age group 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
15-24 25.3% 25.6% 27.1% 24.5% 29.8% 42.5%
25-34 11.4% 12.4% 11.9% 12.7% 15.4% 22.6%
35-44 years 7.9% 7.7% 7.1% 7.5% 10.0% 13.1%
45-54 years 5.5% 5.6% 5.4% 6.0% 7.3% 10.8%
55-64 3,9% 4,6% 3,4% 3,9% 6,5% 9,1%
65-74 1.9% 0.5% 0.0% 0.7% 0.8% 5.0%
total 9.2% 9.5% 9.0% 9.2% 11.6% 16.2%
Note that all departments do not consider those unemployed are not written in the records of the unemployed or those first entering the labor market as well as for those working in flexible working some hours per week.

“We kill …”
“For some time the whole productive fabric business accepts suffocating pressure to be shrinking business in a concerted effort of all our extermination. In this effort played an important role and exerted government policies, the privileges granted them, and with the financial support given to them to enforce the rules of globalization through the modular outlets are polymorphic sites. Within such an environment of a capitalist system this inequality expands rapidly, creating increasingly larger problems of everyday life. When the productive fabric of our country is shrinking dramatically, then large supply imbalances created and demand and the world of the capitalist mechanism tries to exploit all service structures provide each state with a view to manipulate both the production process but reaches the exploitation of workers’ notes in TACHYDROMOS Mr. Kogias.
The secretary of OEVEM also points out that despite unemployment, young people do not even thought of getting into the business process, since the state itself takes care not to combine it either with financial incentives and without substantial support.

“When there is no coordinated exit planning crisis or job opportunity planning for young people or planning for hatching young entrepreneurs, when a society is not structured on the basis of perspective and development, then it is certain that more and more companies will put padlocks ever and more young people are in despair, and of course will pass on the landing depreciation and persistent unemployment. When the society of young people is not structured to increase the production process and employment, when the prospect is not designed to tomorrow, when the state uses enterprise only as donors of economic policy, when every government takes measures only tax collection and not even counted nor their operational needs, then these companies are difficult to sustain the pace of globalization and of course our young people do not even thought to get involved with the process computer business, “says Mr. Kogias.

Proposed measures
According to Mr. Kogias “we must understand that we all have an interest to join in the effort to support the Greek products to prevent to grow another unemployment. We need the state to make significant intervention to be safe conditions for recovery. One of the big problems of unemployment was and is rampant illegal trading, where the state is unable to control the large rise in illegal trade, when there are no rules immigrant turnout massive when no protective business support umbrella, then how can our young people expect sites to employment. It is true that both the competition and the illegal trading are two of the biggest obstacles posed by globalization to the working environment of young people. The OEVEM proposes no substantial unemployment program. Also be given financial incentives to all companies in order to enable jobs to be full employment with stable work for everyone. It considers moreover that it should be removed every frame that allows the implementation of flexible forms of employment and counter-conversion of temporary contracts into indefinite, fixation contract but also to subsidize unemployed people without any proupothesi.Telos calls for an increase in the unemployment benefit 80% of the minimum wage for the duration of unemployment and the freezing of the unemployed loans for as long as you are unemployed.
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VOLOS 20/04/2011
Doc. Ref: 101


The Association Shopkeepers Tailors Volos will hold its General Meeting & Elections Wednesday 27/04/11 at 17:00 at the offices of O.E.V.E.M. Koutarelia 74 1st Floor.
In case of no quorum, the General Meeting & Elections will take place on 04/05/2011 and on Wednesday at 17:00 at the offices of O.E.V.E.M. Koutarelia 74 1st Floor.
In case of no quorum the final General Meeting & Elections Shopkeepers Association Tailors Volos will be held Wednesday 11/05/2011 at 17:00 at the offices of O.E.V.E.M. Koutarelia 74 1st Floor.


1. Election of the General Assembly Bureau.
2. Administrative Review.
3. Financial Report.
4. Election Supervisory Committee.
5. Miscellaneous.

THE PRESIDENT: Archontas Ioannis


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VOLOS 19/04/2011
Ref: 473


Dear Colleague,
The Federation tobacconists of Greece (O.P.K.E.) at the invitation of the Association Tenants Pavilions Thessaloniki participated in the meeting – a nationwide meeting held on Saturday 16/4/2011 at Business Chamber. The discussion was on the major issues facing our industry, and the whole of our industry attendees agreed that unions need to be done the following:
1) Wholesalers representatives to proceed with immediate implementation of the Law 3943/2011, article 47 and paragraph 6.
2) The tobacco companies have to make an immediate appreciation of their trade marks under the agreement made with the Ministry.
3) Our suggestion was to have a rational distribution and increase the after tax rate of 50% for Tabacco Shops Kiosks Network – Distributors station operator, to provide sustainability in our operations. (Provided that our partners will first implement the Law 3943/2011).
4) it is imperative to strive to be safeguards sustainability in the stands – tobacconists.
5) were informed about how many colleagues have now lost their jobs (2,350 colleagues), and of course have remained unemployed. Whether we all Associations – Links – Clubs – Associations could help to avoid adding to the list of unemployed and our other colleagues.
6) were informed about the matter of rent and how it can be a solution to this issue.
7) Mobile telephone cards: updated associations to what stage of development is the issue of greatest percentage claim.
8) Vending machines: informed his colleagues about what can be done on this important issue.
9) There was a reference to the jurisdiction of the license after the existence of Kallikratis Municipalities, municipal charges, the existence of smuggling, trafficking of other products as well as the legal framework for products sold.
10) As for the proposal of the Thessaloniki Society for restructuring the overall taxation, we consider the issue on competition tobacco industry as set and bears no relation to the extent and distribution of after tax value, which is determined by factors other than taxation e.g. retail price fixing manufactured tobacco (it would be useful, but excluding unknown whether a possible overall decrease of tax at 2009 levels).
11) When the industry Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece together with the manufacturing process of tobacco far exceeds the 150,000 thousand families. When our country is in a great and profound crisis, when one after another booth puts padlock when our companies are heavily indebted to the banking system when our several businesses located in Tiresias, when our our huge operating costs leading to extinction, then there needs to be unity and large conglomerate in order to meet the great challenges of everyday life.
12) were informed about the issue of kapnoapagorefsis and coordinating O.P.K.E. the G.S.E.V.E.E and the IMNCP to avert the great danger lurking by a total ban on smoking. We asked if this time can not be amendment to freeze for at least two years. For this our idea is to continue with the protests with other agencies as were until yesterday, in order to prevent this situation that can put us in very great difficulties.

THE PRESIDENT: Kostas Kogias
TΗΕ GENERAL SECRETARY: Vasileios Gkouvinas


Koutarelia 74, 1st Floor, Volos
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VOLOS 19/04/2011 Ref: 474

Dear Colleague,

Happy Easter and Holy Light to illuminate the souls of all of us !!!
I thought wax,
Resurrection time,
to shine in our lives,
sun and rain!

Shops smoking and non-smoking

Koutarelia 74, 1st Floor, Volos
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VOLOS 15/04/2011
Ref: 472

Mr. Dimopoulos Antonis
ESEE A vice Kavvatha GEORGE


Dear Minister,

The Federation tobacconists Greece (O.P.K.E.) supports the decisions of both the ESEE and the P.O.E.S.E. amending and replacing Articles 3 and 6 of Law. 3730/2008, ie the free separation of sanitary shop shopping smoking and non-smoking rooms with special signal means and the pass-disciplinary liability for breaches exclusively customers. According to official data of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurant and Related Occupations industry has 120,000 companies with 400,000 employees. The sector of Peripterouchon tobacconists Greece together with the manufacturing process of the tobacco industry far exceeds the 150,000 thousand families. When our country is located in a large and deep crisis, when one after another company puts padlock when our small and very small business are indebted to the banking system when it assures us that a study of the Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises (IME ) of GSEBEE within the next year threatened to shut 175,000 companies, when 80% of small micro-enterprises are in Tiresias, when every day there is a great weakness payment you need to be remedial modifications Law 3730/2008 in order to have sustainable businesses without unemployed. Our proposal is:
• To undertake the replacement of Articles 3 and 6 of Law. 3730/2008 to give the possibility to define organizational and spatial spaces will prohibit or allow smoking.
We remind you that the above arrangements are already in place in many European countries including Portugal, the Netherlands, which in recent Legislation effective from 1/1/2008.
• Until there is the replacement of Articles 3 and 6 of Law. 3730/2008 needs freeze complete ban for at least the next two years in order not to have an intense wave of unemployed, and 99.5% of businesses are small or medium-sized .
• Our small micro businesses need financial planning with incentives to be no economic growth prospects rather than strictly punitive measures. This is not our national economy needs substantial support to new jobs in order to overcome and respond to the major challenges of deep crisis.
Dear Minister,
We look forward to a fair and definitive solution.
O PRESIDENT: Kogias Konstantinos
The GEN. SECRETARY: Gkouvinas Vasileios

LAW ΝU. 3943

of the Hellenic Republic
Law Nos. N. 3943 – A 66 – 03.31.2011

Prevention of tax evasion, staffing of audit services and other provisions Ministry of Finance competence

of the Hellenic Republic
We issue the following law passed by Parliament:

Article 1
National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion
1. A government as a collective body, the Commission to tackle tax evasion, in which the Minister of Finance participating as President and Ministers: a) Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping, b) Justice, Transparency and Human Rights c) Protection Citizen. Commission to tackle tax evasion approved the National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion, take the necessary steps to implement and monitor, supervise, monitor and coordinate the implementation.
2. It is recommended to the Ministry of Finance the Interministerial Executive Committee of the National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion, which consists of:
a) the Minister of Finance, with Deputy Finance Minister with responsibility in revenue, as President,
b) Chief Prosecutor of the Authority for the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing,
c) the Attorney Economic Crime,
d) the Secretary of the Treasury,
e) the Secretary General of Tax and Custom Affairs
f) the Secretary of Information Systems,
g) the Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping,
h) the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights,
i) the Secretary General of the Ministry of Citizen Protection,
j) the Administrator, with alternate one of the Deputy Governors NIS,
k) Special Secretary SDOE,
l) the Head of the Directorate General Inspection of the Ministry of Finance,
m) the Head of the General Directorate of the Treasury Tax,
n) the Head of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance Consumption,
o) the Head of the Directorate of Financial Police of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.
The Interministerial Executive Committee meets at least once every month in the Ministry of Finance. Backed secretarial and management of the Directorate for Tax Audits of the Ministry of Finance. Inform the Committee referred to in paragraph 1 for the state of implementation of the program at least every three months.
3. The National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion prepared every three years and includes an action plan to address and combat fraud, recommendations for institutional changes and measures for effective and coordinated operation of fiscal, judicial and law enforcement authorities. The National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion up by the General Directorate of Tax Audits General Secretariat of Tax and Customs Treasury Affairs under the Executive Interministerial Committee directives to tackle tax evasion, which monitors, evaluates and monitors the implementation of the National operational Program.
4. The National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion include axes, annual or biannual actions and measures and goals with measurable quantitative and qualitative indicators:
a) The arrest of the tax base through programs of preventive and regular checks of businesses and traders.
b) The arrest of the tax base through evidence and program Occupying tracking and asset increases conceal undeclared income.
c) Strengthening tax compliance through: aa) information service and facility to taxpayers, b) removing the unfairness of simplification and consolidation of tax legislation and c) the application of existing provisions of criminal suppression of tax evasion.
d) The improvement and acceleration of the collectibility of established entitlements and arrears.
e) The identification, classification, classification, treatment and management of risks in the subjects: aa) VAT and other indirect taxes, b) direct taxation and cc) of capital taxation.
f) The introduction of criteria for the selection of test cases in the fields of taxation and development control techniques for taxpayers groups, where there is a large avoidance or evasion rate, as well as for large companies, particularly in the field of intra-group transactions.
g) The collection, analysis, evaluation and use of all information and data obtained from the relevant departments for mutual administrative and judicial assistance of States – members of the EU, third countries, countries which have concluded agreements for the avoidance of double taxation on income and capital taxes or contracts Information Exchange, as well as international agencies and organizations.
h) The strengthening of tax administration in the implementation of measures to combat corruption.
5. In the first implementation of this National Operational Program for Combating Tax Evasion prepared and approved until April 30, 2011.
Article 47
other provisions
1. a) In the cases a, b and c of section 6 of n. 3862/2010 (GG 113 A ‘), instead of the data “g”, “h” and “f” are set items “f” “g” and “e” respectively.
b) In the cases a, b and c of paragraph 2 of Article 8 of v. 3862/2010, instead of data “g”, “h” and “f” are set items “f ” ‘ g “and” e “respectively.
c) in the first sentence of paragraph 3 of article 16 of Law. 3862/2010, instead of the data “e”, “f” and “h” set data “d” “e” and “f ‘ “respectively.
d) In paragraph 3 of article 81 of l. 3862/2010 instead of ‘paragraph 2’ words put the words “paragraph 1”.
2. Article 21 of v. 3878/2010 (GG 161 A) added paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 as follows:
“5. The public limited company under the name “Olympic Properties SA” merged through absorption by the public limited company under the name “Tourism Development Company SA” which henceforth renamed to “Greek Tourist Properties SA”. Total assets and liabilities, its 100% subsidiary, acquired company, as described in the Transformation Balance Sheet dated 31.12.2010, contributed to the acquiring company and the book value recorded on the report of chartered accountants, which carried out by order of the acquiring company.
The current losses of the acquired company at the date of transition Balance Sheet equally reduce this share capital.
Since 1.1.2011 all operations of the absorbed company is considered to be conducted on behalf of the acquirer and the amounts thereof are transferred to a batch record in its books.
Since the entry into force of this Act, the acquiring company “Greek Tourist Properties SA” (TDC SA) subrogated to all the rights, obligations and legal relationships of the acquired company, which ceases to exist.
The transfer of the acquired company equals to universal succession and pending trials automatically continued by the acquiring company.
For merging the above companies applied in the exemptions and facilities, article 4. 4 n. 3139/2003 (GG 100 A).
The obligations under the applicable provisions publicity formalities deemed fulfilled with the publication of this law in the Official Gazette.
6. The annual financial statements of joint stock company “Greek Tourist Properties SA” established in accordance with international financial reporting standards adopted by the Board of Directors.
7. Requirements of the company “Olympic Games Organizing Committee – Athens 2004 SA” by the Greek government at the time of expiry of the clearance of the article 89 of l. 3606/2007 (GG 195 A ‘), that have been deleted from the accounting the company’s books “Olympic Properties SA” at the expense of its results, be deductible from the gross income of the user carrying the deletion. ”
3. In Article 21 of l. 3878/2010 paragraph 8 is added as follows:
‘8. By decision of the Board the TDC Company SA approved by a joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and of Culture and Tourism, established Internal Regulation of the Company, which defined the posts of staff employment relationship private law of indefinite time, temporary and seasonal employees, as derived in view of the absorption “Olympic Properties SA” company. By decision of the Board the company’s staff of TDC company SA part occupying the posts provided for in the preceding paragraph. A similar decision is part occupying these posts and the staff of “Olympic Properties SA” after the completion of the merger. ”
4. The provisions of par. 3 of article 9 of law. 3861/2010 (GG 112 A) after the words “Court of Administrative Officers’ added from the effective date of Law. 3861/2010 the words’ or policy ‘ .
5. a) In paragraph 3 of Article 6 of the Administrative Procedure Code (K.D.D.) third paragraph is added as follows:

“If under the same provisional or definitive tax control are accounted for in the same financial year or accounting period with the same or more operations, different amounts against the same debtor, regardless of whether they relate to different tax items, the court of appeal, where jurisdiction for some of them, it becomes responsible for the other, regardless of the amount. ”
b) The provision of the previous case of this paragraph covers and outstanding at the commencement of this matters.
6. The lower limit supply wholesalers and retailers of manufactured tobacco shall be set at 8.3% and 31.3% respectively of their pre-tax retail price. This provision shall apply until 31.12.2011
7. a) In the second subparagraph of para. 2 of article 3 of law. 3429/2005 (GG 314 A) the words “by a decision of the Ministerial Committee on Public Enterprises and Organizations of Article 10 of this Law.” Shall be replaced with the words “as defined by statute.”.
b) The third paragraph of par. 3 of article 3 of law. 3429/2005 and deleted at the end of paragraph paragraph is added as follows:
“The Board of Directors shall notify the Special Secretariat for Public Enterprises and Organizations composition of its members, as it is formed after each change of the representatives of the preceding paragraphs.”
c) At the end of article 19 of Law 3429/2005 added verses as follows:
“Similarly excluded from the scope of Chapter I of private persons with the name ‘Organization Against Drugs” (O.KA.NA.), “Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals” (Center for the Rehabilitation) and ” Disease Control and Prevention “(KE.EL.P.NO.).
For legal entities of the previous section by a joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and Health and Welfare can be defined as the obligation to submit to E.G.D.E.K.O. budget information, review data and employment data, establish internal control and adjust the way, the time and the specific content of these elements and any necessary matter. ”
Article 52
Repeal – Entry into force
1. From the entry into force of this law shall be repealed:
a) Rule 13 of Chapter IV of v. 3052/2002 (GG 221 A ‘),
b) the articles 1, 2, 3 and 4 of V. Vria ‘1892 (GG 461 A’),
c) the article 24 of Law. 522/1914 (FEK 1 A),
d) the fourth article of v. 1943/1920 (GG 20 A ‘) and
e) Article 5 of Decree 2946/1954 (OG 183 A).
2. The validity of this law begins its publication in the Official Gazette, unless otherwise provided in individual provisions.
Order the publication hereof in the Official Gazette and its execution as Law of the State.
Athens, March 31, 2011


L.A.E.K. 1-25


The FEDERATION OF PROFESSIONAL CRAFTSMEN & TRADERS MAGNESIA announced that the Employment Agency announced a subsidized employee training programs to small businesses (GG 1755 / Issue B / 11.09.2010 and OG 201 / Issue B / 02.11.2011)
The funding breakdown by prefecture program, beneficiary institutions, the necessary documents and terms of program implementation, defined in no. V105810 / 14-02-2011 Circular of OAED
The submission of proposals will be made in the Information Management System Training Programs LAEK (http://laek.oaed.gr]) from 15/02/2011 up to 30/04/2011.
Beneficiaries are bodies Primary – Secondary – Tertiary representing employers but also of Scientific Associations
Beneficiaries workers in enterprises employing up to 25 people, which are paid to all workers the employer’s contribution to IKA 0.45% for 2009 and have not made and will not make use of resources LAEK through the professional program training 0.45% for the years 2010-11.
The training will last 20-40 hours on subjects of each segment is generally horizontal training. (Information technology, health and safety, quality, etc.) and implemented in KEK of the county.
Employees participants are eligible for one (1) program will be subsidized with EUR 5 for each training time and the allocated monitoring Certificate Program Certified by KEK.
Each applicant (Association, enterprises, workers) for more information can visit the website (http://laek.oaed.gr), or contact the offices of the Federation of professionals, craftsmen & TRADERS MAGNESIA during working days and hours. (Telephone: 24210-32780).


VOLOS, 10/03/2011
Doc. Ref: 460




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