The Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants Magnesia upon notification by the General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, document of the General Directorate of Customs & excise, D / Directorate of Excise & VAT Tax on wineries that produce or process their products tax warehouse, telling you that there is a new presentation to the customs authority of the Declaration of the small winemaker in calculating the excise tax on output and defense of all relevant documents. The new obligations listed in no. DEFKF B 1005862 2017 EX / 01.13.2017 (FEK.39 / B) A.U.C “Modification of Nos. DEFKF B 5026381 2015 EX / 12.16.2015 (FEK.2785 / B) A.U.C “Determination of conditions and procedures for the imposition of excise duty, monitoring and control of the products of Articles 90 and 92 of n.2960 / 01- Amendments Nos. F.883 / 530/1999 (FEK.1872 / B ) A.U.C “Terms and conditions for granting authorized warehouse license.”