Mediation: a quick and cost-court dispute resolution

The GSEBEE and OPEMED (Alternatives Promotion Organization Dispute Settlement) presented yesterday, Monday 3 April, the benefits of mediation in an information event at the Auditorium
GSEBEE for its members, entitled “Mediation: one size fits all”.

President GSEBEE, Mr. George Kavathas referred to the usefulness of methods and conflict resolution tools such as mediation, particularly for very small businesses and the self-employed, partly because the delay of a court decision can be fatal for their survival, also because the cost of legal proceedings in many cases is unbearable and businesses do not go into this losing their justification.

Especially at this juncture, added Mr. Kavathas that SMEs face serious economic issues and serious legal problems with suppliers, banks, and internally, mediation can prove a very effective tool and a more advantageous financial solution for resolving their differences.

Secretary General OPEMED, Mr. Nicolas Kanellopoulos, presented the institution of mediation and noted that the effectiveness of this as extrajudicial dispute resolution process, and the need for mediation to the economy, society, business, and for the traditional justice system and not only comes to complete, answers and need relief from the courts waiting pending cases.

Mr. Kanellopoulos underlined that the resolution of the dispute through mediation is reflected in a report shall be enforceable and that according to the international experience are excellent results in cases of family, labor, leasing, corporate, construction issues, intellectual property rights, border disputes and medical negligence cases.

Following the event, Ms. Dimitra Triantafyllou and Mr. Spyros Leivadopoulos, accredited intermediaries, focused on micro and small enterprises by analyzing how and to what issues mediation can give court settlement a few days or hours, with commonly accepted agreements by analyzing both the very process, and how you can benefit from the process of the self-employed or small business while avoiding a prolonged uncertainty and preserving or expanding partnerships or relationships through a win- win resolve any dispute.