GSEVEE Announcement on the new calculation of social security contributions

Within a few days of reaching the final agreement – which is obviously necessary but not a sufficient condition for the country to exit the crisis – and before the new recessionary package has been adopted, its concessions have already begun to be counted The priorities that the Greek government has set against the domestic production base.

Following the introduction of a measure to release Sunday’s commercial operations, a more lenient measure is to complement the puzzles of domestic and foreign interest targets: small and medium-sized businesses are brutally hit once again by the unexpected reformulation of the calculations Of insurance contributions. The new regulation officially announced by government officials, which sets the gross premium rather than the net income of the professional as the basis for calculating the insurance contribution, comes to give the free kick to the national economy. The institutions, which had wreaked all their past few months on business overcrowding and the reduced attraction of investment, are leading in a peculiar war against domestic small businesses. It is not otherwise to explain the need for new contributions to the level of contributions, while agreeing to cuts in pensions and tax-free allowances. In fact, through the extermination of small businesses, they are pursuing the ultimate goal of redistributing market share to specific interest groups.

On the pretext of achieving the viability of the insurance system and improving the recoverability of the new system, and despite the complaints of all the productive bodies about the excessive charges of the Social Insurance Act 4387/2016 on middle income, the government and institutions decided to correct for the worse The mathematical formula, leading to increases of up to 30%.

GSEVEE considers that any and even a marginal burden on businesses leads to the desertification of the productive fabric, the exodus from the profession, the multiplication of phenomena of informal business activity. GSEVEE calls on the government to withdraw this irrational and shameful regulation – and reserves the right to exercise any legitimate right.