OEBEM position at the opening of the stores on Sundays

We were surprised to hear the government’s decision to succumb to the pressures of institutions to open all Sunday stores. OEBEM, with the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, has decided to accept only the opening of 7 Sundays of the year (two Christmas, 1 Waal, 4 Rebates). OEBEM is in line with GSEBBE’s decision to close its stores on Sunday 7 May, responding to the operation of its branches and participating in protests for the opening of Sundays and the mobilizations of 17 May in cooperation with the ESEE and, as a result, The Volos Shopping Association.
The operation of the market is regulated and operated in such a way that it facilitates and serves the consumers of the public according to the needs and for the benefit of each region (for example in tourist areas the shops operate at the seven days of the week, even 24 hours). The operation of the branches on Sundays, in addition to the above seven, will not lead to an upward trend, it is not the solution to the problems affecting small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the period where we are going, where the situation is declining, Economic investigations carried out by OEBEM. On the contrary, the consequences will be unpleasant, as, according to the time, the potential for new padlocks in many companies prevail, and unemployment is also rising. The main point of the problem today is not the time that the consumer can spend, but the lack of money.
We call on fellow professionals, craftsmen and traders not to open their businesses on Sunday, May 7, giving a thunderous response to the efforts made to market olives.